March 10, 2010

Mango Bread Recipe and More

Well, well.......I don't think that I am going to need this dog eared LOVE NOTE any longer that I have been leaving out for Mr. Fufu as a gentle reminder of what a cold weather wimp this Miami girl is!
It's actually pretty toasty now (a/c back on!), so I am thinking about all of the good things that come in these warmer months and can't wait!
Like MANGOS (trees are in bloom here right now), and this week I baked some of my extremely delish Mango Bread. With all of my blog posts on decorating, crafting, traveling and Mango Bread recipe continues to be one of the most requested! I think that you will find a link to it below...., but if not:

Looking forward to perhaps relaxing a bit more around the pool.....although it's not heated and as aforementioned I am a "total cold temperature wimp" and won't go in until maybe July!Last year we put in what the family named "the chill zone" on a little corner of our patio. We had to be practical and it's not really my vintage romantic style.....but in So. Fla we have a MAJOR problem with mildew (hey, it's not So. Cal!) and mosquitoes, so.....set from Home Depot and cabana from Target.
Our tropical wildlife is beginning to come back and look for the food that's starting to the several Macaws who roam the neighborhood eating coconuts and drinking the sweet milk.

We have wild peacocks too....will see if I can get some photos soo
n for another post. They are roaming around making loads of noise and mating right now. Stunning creatures, but like most wild birds are extremely LOUD!

Looking forward to beautiful sunsets. This one is unretouched and is from our yard. Doesn't the sky look like it's on fire with beauty?!

Looking forward to long weekends at the beach. I am still working on Mr Fufu to get rid of that HONKIN' BIG TV or at least mount it to the wall!! In this decorating war of "I love junk & he does not", I think I have been making progress....YES!
We never take a day here for granted
Or a sunrise

We enjoy our walks and bike rides at the beach or off in the trails. Bought my blue bike on~line a couple years ago and although I can't remember where, it was an inexpensive purchase!
Of course, living in paradise sometimes comes with a price and we have had several severe hurricanes over the years. Bite my tongue.......praying for NONE this year!


  1. Oh my goodness, I can hardly take in all the beauty here Janet. You live in paradise for sure! That is so neat that macaws just fly in and out of the neighborhood eating coconuts. I love "junque" or junk too ;) but my hubby doesn't either. At least w/the big TV you can watch the Housewives of NYC right? Your room looks beautiful with the TV just wish mine flowed as smoothly but I'm working on it and adding new old finds.

    I love Romantic Country Magazine too & Fifi and you! Have fun at the beach sweets. Going to see if I can find some mangoes at my grocer to make that bread. Oooh, love your bright, springy, blog look... cheery, cheery, cheery like you!

  2. What a beautiful area you live in. Come on over to my post & you will see why we have been considering moving.
    Can't wait to find this new magazine!!

  3. Hello Janet... like Tracie, I can hardly take in all of this lush Springy post! I must go back for a second, and maybe third look! Your yard is so pretty, and so relaxing looking... and I would LOVE to see a Macaw in person! I think I would stroll the beach every single day, and sit out at night and watch the sun set in the ocean... I got my new Romantic Country magazine and that is another pleasure for me too... Funny you would post about "guys" not loving "junk" (opps, I mean tresors!) as much as we do, I just posted about that too and a tresor I left behind! Lucky you to have such beautiful warm weather already... ours is warming up some here but not as fast as I want... wishing you a beautiful day in paradise! Kisses Murphy! (Will you please post a picture of sweet little Murphy again soon?)... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hi Janet,
    Oh, how do you have time to run a business when you have all that house cleaning and chilling zone to do. Love the idea of a family chillin zone.

  5. G'day Janet ~ Your home is gorgeous, the lawn is inviting, the beauty of the lush surrounding so relaxing, birds singing ... our weather is warming slowly. You entice us much more & you may be having lots of company ... chuckle.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Have a lovely weekend ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  6. What a beautiful sunrise. I really enjoyed that tour. xo, suzy

  7. A big thank you for the best ever mango bread recipe! I can't wait to try it. I love mango iced tea at our local tearoom in the summer and I know I will enjoy having this recipe.

    What a great post. I'm inspired by it.

    Love and blessings,

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us ... what a fabulous spot. Oh! To have birds like that in the trees - I would feel like I was in Wonderland! I know that I'll always be a northeast coast boy - but your photos sure make the southeast look tempting.

  9. Paradise indeed fufu! gorgeous pics from your neck of the woods! you are so funny with the ginormous t.v.-mr. tutts & I had the same argument. I have to try your luscious mango bread recipe that is making my mouth water! Have a wonderful weekend & enjoy your shopping!xoxo tutts

  10. What a lovely blog.
    Your dresses are to die for!!!
    Thank you for following me too.
    Gros bisous

  11. Hi,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I so enjoy checking out your blog and website. I have my eye on the hatbox maybe I will be able to purchase it. Every time I stop by your website everything get's sold so quickly!! I did get the new Romantic Country magazine your right it is very beautiful, as they always are!!
    Have a good day!

  12. Yes, Janet paradise has a price. Hi there I been following your blog. It's gorgeous, love your craft room. I'm from Fla. too, Miami. Got to go I missed a few post.