April 21, 2010

Sewing - New Toys

Pillows that I've created and sold, from the shop...

I had received these two sewing toys for Christmas (as in...Christmas 2009!) and I simply have not had time to even open the boxes until THIS WEEK! It's a good thing that they work and there are no missing parts...I know, idiotic move on my part...right?

In any event, YES....I do sew sometimes, just thought that I would let you know. In fact I made most of my girl's cute little outfits when they were small. I also had a thriving line of clothing back in the early '90's with my business Pour It On Productions. That's another story......for another day! Suffice to say that I have had the same sewing machine for the last 30 years. These newbies were a NEED, not a want!

I have been enjoying getting to know my new sewing machine and serger for the last week, yesseree! Jill of all trades, master of none it seems sometimes.

A pretty plethora of pillows coming to my SHABBYFUFU website probably late on Thursday. I have made these Vintage Barkcloth and Antique French Lace Pillows for a number of years now. Maybe you remember that they were published some years back in Romantic Homes magazine. BTW....we sold tons back then at that price on the WEBSITE, but the economy being the way that it is the price will 1/3 of the Old Price:-). Spring seems the perfect time to fluff up with some pretty pillows ~ if you are looking, please come visit!

By the way.....speaking of pretty, I had some comments and emails about the big Dining Room redo and NOPE, I won't be getting rid of everything pretty......just going to put away more and display less at a time. LESS DUSTING and more relaxing, since I work with PRETTY every single day!

More pretty things coming to the website this week...


  1. Hi Janet,
    I hope you enjoy your beach time and I can't think of anything better to run around in than your little red convertible!

    I have thought about a new sewing machine too, but I dread the thoughts of learning how to use it.

    Your pillows are so pretty. Love that barkcloth.



  2. Enjoy tour little vacation. We all need one!

    I have a new sewing machine, too and haven't figured out how to thread it! lol! I am hoping to make some pretty pillows, too. I'll check your shop though because I will probably not have this machine figured out for awhile!


  3. Nice Gifts! That serger sure is wonderful right, have you tried a rolled hem yet, I cant stop rolling the hem of everything I own now lol
    I love the bottles sooo pretty, did you make? Luv...Have a nice time, I'll be in sarasota for a few days to regroup at moms after sewing my brains out lately! Cant say work is slow so thats a good thing right ? One would think "sew"...:) hugs xoxo

  4. Sew true for me too Janet!

    Was good to pop over here and catch up on your Posts.

    Have a great break away

    Gail xx

  5. Janet, what lovely pillows!! Love them! And those bottles are beautiful..love the bling! I need to pull out my machine again too...but I hate the mess I have to create to create!! Argh!

  6. Hi Janet,

    Enjoy your beach time. Sounds good to be.
    All of your items are special. You know I love my pillows and bottles.

    big hugs,

  7. Hi Janet... oooh, how I love those pillows! And those altered bottles are just gorgeous! How fun to ride around with the top down... it's pouring here today! xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Hi Janet, yes I do remember those pillows, they are gorgeous and very pleased to see you are still making them too (with your new machine!) Hope you are enjoying your time away at the beach.
    alicia :0)

  9. hi janet!

    what a fun post. i can feel your smile as you type!

    love the pretty bottles and pillows!

    i can relate to the sewing machine thing. i think i've written one too many posts about my struggles! i won't bring you down with me. (LOL)


    i always love a good pun and wordplay

  10. Your pillows are so gorgeous all those rose prints are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!Sincerely Jonny