April 6, 2010

Country Living Magazine

About a year ago I received a phone call and then a letter from a fashion stylist at Country Living Magazine.
I don't know exactly how they found me, but I about fell over....as I had never worked with them before!
I don't seek out publicity....thankfully, gratefully, luckily it seems to find me:-).

They had seen my work on the Romantic Dress Forms that I do and asked if I could submit some "Statement Necklaces" for consideration in a future issue.
They made it very specific....no bling, no actual jewels or embellishments other than fabric roses and millinery~ like my Shabbyfufu Dressforms.

To be honest I had never made any of them before....but I had seen them in Anthropologie and at the time a scant few on Etsy. In my day I definitely HAVE made jewelry though....and in the years that I used to do Art Shows I sold quite a bit of it.

To the drawing board I went and made some samples for their perusal. As it turned out they did not use my pieces......opting instead for lower priced statement necklaces in the February issue, sourced from Etsy and some of the "made in China" big box store pieces. Oh well..........not a bad thing, as I decided to add samples to my website inventory and they have become a Best Seller.

Serendipity...I'll have more designs to come in the near future...


  1. Oh Janet, your necklaces are absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe Country Living would choose cheap made in China ones to feature in their magazine... I have been quite disappointed in Country Living Magazine lately, I think it has become "cheapened" alot... I don't like the way they put arrows by photos and say "steal this idea"... yours are much too classy for that... I love them! Your daughter is just stunning! Hope your remodeling goes well and you post again soon... love to you... doggie kisses Murphy! xoxo Julie Marie PS We got over 6 inches of snow here in the night... I am drooling over your swimming pool and warm weather right now!

  2. All I can say is, it is their loss!
    Your work is equisite and I love it.
    There are still those of us out here who love quality work done by fine artist like yourself.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Beautiful model and beautiful necklace. I love, love, love Country Living! How wonderful for you!!!!!!


  4. Silly me - I didn't realize they didn't run your necklace. Bad! But you know what - a national magazine even considered your pieces and that's very hard to do so you should still smile and be proud of that accomplishment.

    Jeanine Part 11

  5. Janet, I am glad they have become your best sellers. Your reno will be worth all the hassle when it is done.
    All the best and I think of you often.

  6. Hello Janet!
    Good luck on the remodel! Argh, but I'm sure in the end it will be worth it~
    Your daughter is very pretty! The necklaces are lovely, as well. Tis Country Living's loss!!

    Have a good week!

  7. hi janet,

    your daughter is lovely and the necklaces are stunning.

    so, did you end up being featured or quoted? so exciting no matter the outcome. you are definitely a shabby rock star!


  8. Thats awesome ! I used to really likie Country Living but lately it seems there magazine is a bit too modern for my taste! Although I would love to see those in an upcomming issue!

  9. Janet...Hon your necklaces are stunning!!! So is your stunning model:) Love love them! I know remodeling is tiresome...but it is all worth it in the end! Be sure to show us the after pics..I am sure will be gorgeous!!
    Have a great week sweets:)

  10. wow they really are amazing, so much work in them too. I think i love the last one the best!
    alicia :0)

  11. Those are beautiful, and I can see they are made with care. Anyone with excellent taste would love one! (I have excellent taste!!!).

  12. Hi Janet

    Well done on the necklaces!!

    I would not have a clue where to start making them

    I think your daughter is a beautiful, exotic Model

    lots of love, Gail xo

  13. They are gorgeous Janet!!!

    And your daughter is too!

    Absolutely gorgeous!