April 14, 2010

White Decorating Is Timeless

Hi friends...I hope that you are doing well. It seems so trendy right now. Every shop from Marshalls to Restoration Hardware has the Burlap look....Pillows with French text etc, and it's becoming overwhelming! A trend alas.......I have seen many come and go over my years in design and this one too shall pass.

One timeless trend seems to be decorating in white. I have my own little White House here and have favored white decor since I had my very first apt in my senior year of college! Furniture has always been painted white and/or upholstered white wherever I have lived.......and then depending on season accessories are changed out. It's so easy to move things from room to room and accessorize and edit this way. Mr Fufu is a true less is more guy......and he was in favor BIG TIME of this redo.

We decided to move the china cabinet in the dining room into a little corner of the large living room, corner bookcase into a spare bedroom and take everything off the walls. I had this BIG A_S mirror that I recently acquired and repainted it white over the original very dark grey and gilt finish. It's now the centerpiece of the room behind my favorite vintage beaded chandelier. A vintage French caned sofa table now holds just a few accent pieces that can be easily changed out. Our dining table is glass.....which I love because it allows the swimming pool to reflect and be seen in the late afternoon sun. Chairs.....not super crazy about them, but until I find the right ones I plan on doing some new slips soon.

Less is more sometimes

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  1. Hi Janet...

    I, too, have watch trends come and go. All I need to do is go back to the beginning of my eBay selling days to know that even the simplest of romantic pillows have changed. Everything is lighter, softer, paler.

    I'm not a huge fan of the burlap thing. I like it but I leery of it.

    I love your new room and can't wait to see it styled.

    Your hubbs is right. Less IS more.


  2. Hi Janet! I have been noticing lately that things are changing in the world of decor. I am not sure if I will be able to do it or not, as I love all of my pretty things to much, lol! Your dining room looks beautiful both ways. Your after photos are very inspiring!!

  3. Hi Janet,
    Most of my furniture is going white. Although, I have painted some black. I love the contrast!

    Your new dining room looks great!

    Enjoy the afternoon with your daughter!

  4. oh yes less is more, Love the new look! Have a great visit with your daughter

  5. I think I like the Less is More, although I would have a hard time when you have such beautiful items. Take care.

  6. Janet,
    I just love the way your dining room turned out. White IS timeless!
    Trisha Evans
    A Vintage White

  7. What a difference!
    Im trying to cull some 'stuff', but it keeps on sneaking back in! How were you so strong to part with all of your things??
    It looks fee and spacious now, but I'd be tempted to fill those bare spots, lol!

  8. Hi Janet, I don't go with the trends at all, just buy what I love... Nature plays a big part in our decorating, always has and always will... I love the new look of your room, but like Amy, still adore your "before" photo too... I need fufu and frills! Please don't change your shop to all white! I LOVE your fufu pinks and roses! xoxo Julie Marie

  9. One word Janet. WOW!!! I love it!
    Doesn't it 'feel' great too? Stunning! The glass table looks awesome in this space. It's all worth one less vacation! xoRoberta

  10. Wow cant believe the differnce in the photos! I've got rid of a lot of stuff too and am enjoying the neutrals a lot more these days. Do like a bit of burlap I admit and have a few touches here and there, fits in nicely with my white items I already have. Wouldnt get too carried away with it though as I still love my ornate items more!

  11. Love the new space, and white too.


  12. Wow, what a transformation. I love your new look. I have simplified too, I got tired of dusting it all the time. What a difference! My mind feels cluttered when I have too much clutter.


  13. Hi Janet...Love the "new" look!! So pretty & tres chic sweets! I have always loved white too..& you are right...many trends have come & gone..but white is timeless!! If I could just get on the less is more trend..lol..cant seem to do it just yet..maybe someday!
    Love your pics hon...gorgeous home!

  14. Hi Janet,

    What a transformation. I like the "less is more" theory as well...[except for one room of my studio that is overflowing with fabric]..I've collected for a dozen years and I used to joke that it would become my retirement income but now it's no longer a joke...this blasted economy is spoiling a lot of plans.

    Thanks for the update and I look forward to more photos.

    Stephanie ♥

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  16. Hey Janet,

    Well I have to say though I like your original ... I LOVE your NEW set up in the dining room... its open and airy and the colors are quite lovely and serene... it definitely has a softer feel to it....

    Something about it makes me want to sit down and enjoy dinner and wine


  17. Janet ~ such lovely photos! Your dining room is divine. Unfortunately, I am not one of those "less is more" gals. I just can't do it! Every time I try, I end up hating it and I hate parting with all of my cherished treasures! I must have a sickness! I love the room BOTH ways. I might be able to do the "after" room during the summer, but come fall it would revert back to the "before" and I would "junk it up" again as my husband would say! Oh well...it's nice to have the option don't you think! You did a FAB job! ~Stacy~