June 30, 2010

Painted White And Aged

A dilema to be solved on the outside of our home.......

Like many of you, I LOVE and adore chippy paint and original finishes, especially when the color WHITE is involved (and aqua.....of which all though the all white look is so popular, I won't give up my aqua). 

That being said, we do live in South Florida where anything wood or wicker is basically a suicide mission for paint finishes. 

Yes...I know that it's hot where you live, but if you have never been down here to Miami in the summer you have no idea!! 

Seriously.....crack open an egg on the sidewalk and see how long it takes to fry! 
Take your digital lenses out for a photo shoot and see how they instantly fog up and stay that way!
Hair? Well, mine is pretty straight....let me rephrase with FLAT in the heat of the Florida summer!

Anyway, back to paint. Over the years I have collected (and made) some cool white outdoor pieces, like this little vintage wicker bistro set that sits in a corner of the patio......

This old wicker chair that I purchased years ago for $10. I remember where I buy everything and how much I paid for it.........forever! This is a skill that comes in handy as a dealer.......

Close up of one of a set of three vintage cast aluminum painted and stacking side tables. Love 'em....

Mosaic window.....oh those birds!....

I could go on and show more, but my dilema is that my very Practical Hubby does not appreciate chippy paint! He's really into the modern, minimalist style and we do butt heads when it comes to decorating. Do I satisfy his need for clean or mine for crust?!?!

I do appreciate our brand spanking new French doors on the patio, I really do. I miss the old French doors that were wood and chippy......but in this case I agree with the practicality factor due to the fact that we are in hurricane alley here in Miami and these are much stronger...sigh....

Speaking of white......I am loving this antique wood frame with the old wavy glass as a summer fireplace screen! We have two fireplaces in the house....but they are just for show, torn out of old homes and non working. As I said, too hot here!.......

A simple piece on the patio that I put together. Old bottle wired onto old chippy white wood with a vintage bottle and flying the flag this week!

I'll be leaving you now....but wanted to let my customers who read the blog know that I'm having a sale over at the website this weekend with 10% off ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, and many items have been marked down to clear out as well! Making way for upcoming Fall and Winter inventory....even though it's been so hot outside!

Happy 4th of July! Will be off to the beach......so see you next week!



  1. Hi Janet... that is a dilemma... why is it that most guys don't like the chippy~shabby stuff? I always butt heads with Jack over this... so we end up meeting halfway (then I slowly eek in more chippy~shabby when he's not looking!)... I would go with the look YOU love... your mosaic window with the Robin and Roses vintage china is gorgeous! I have a broken china pendant out of that same pattern... would LOVE to own a whole set (yes, I know that is not possible!)... ok, I am off to look at your 10 percent off sale! Happy 4th of July to you! Doggie kisses Murphy! xoxo Julie Marie PS I have never been to Florida but it is HOT here today too! (Utah is a desert state) Thank goodness for ponytails and ball caps!

  2. Happy 4th to you too. I love the little piece you made with the wired bottle holding the flag....very cute! I'm also loving all of your white chippy furniture.

  3. I have a husband that hates the chippy look, too. Maybe they know each other {!}. He tends to see my side after it is bought and in place so I shop without him. For something huge...like an armoire, I'd never just paint it without agreement since it would be so unfair. How do you survive together? The same as always, compromise...and a bit of witchcraft helps! ;-D

    Have a wonderful time at the beach!!


  4. Janet you know I love all the white chippy furniture. I do like your French Doors. you have a beautiful spot. I wish you luck with hubby. take care, and I hope you have a great 4th of July.

  5. Hi Janet,
    I love painted white and aged too just like you but my hubby loves dark, forest green that's not my style at all. I couldn't imagine it throughout the house and think we're safe at the moment just having it in his office ;)

    Your bottle plaque with flag is darling, perfect for this holiday weekend. Have a lovely time at the beach and Happy 4th of July!

  6. Janet, I do love that idea of the old frame with wavey glass over the fireplace. It looks great!

  7. Hi Janet,your blog is beautiful and adorable.I´m from Argentina,sorry for my english please.It is space inspiring me.ADIOS!!

  8. hi janet,

    have a great time at the beach.

    lucky for me, my husband lets me run with my decor ideas. well, as long as i permit sneaking in a little action figure like yoda here and there! (LOL)