Monday, June 7, 2010

Remodeling, Working and Playing

I've been thinking, working and playing........and as you know helping Mom move into her new place. She thanks you for the good wishes and is looking forward to having her computer hooked back up as soon as a new line is put into her spare room office!

Oh yes.....I forgot to mention REMODELING, which like many of you dear readers is an on going event in some fashion or another.

This is something that I have wanted to do for MANY a year now.
I enjoy cooking, and with just Mr Fufu and I living in the house now we try and maintain our youth and health by doing most of the cooking ourselves. Or should I say that I do most of it!

Jenn~Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop, pretty, isn't she?

The former glass covered electric cooktop was sleek looking but not enough control for this semi serious foodie. Two issues stood in the way to be conquered....but any task is possible to fix if you want it badly enough. Number one is that unfortunately we have no gas line on our
street, so we decided to break through a wall onto the patio and do a larger propane tank. Hope to install a Summer Kitchen and hook that up to it later on, but for now it will just sit a bit. Second issue is that we have no way to install a hood fan the way that our kitchen is laid out. We had to vent out through the same wall where the gas line to the patio now goes.

I'll share more photos of the kitchen later........

Been playing........with my new camera

Our old boy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Murphy is usually a most cooperative subject. He's thinking about something.....probably food!

We've got load and loads of butterflies in our gardens right now. We plant specifically for them with several areas of butterfly gardens that they love!

Playing with Photoshop, trying to make the switch over from Elements to CS4 that I recently installed on my MacBookPro.

I could spend all of my time on Photoshop, but my website is my first priority and has been for over a back to work I go!

Lots of new (old!) things coming this week from Buying Trips and the Shabbyfufu Studio.....and lots of projects in the works as well.

Have a beautiful, inspirational week my friends!


  1. Hi Janet, your new cooktop looks great! I LOVE to cook (and eat!) and we eat all of our meals at home as well... a summer kitchen sounds like such a wonderful plan... all of the older homes around here have those and I want one! Sweet little Murphy looks so precious! Doggie kisses Murphy! I have been photographing alot of butterflies around our home as well... I just adore them! Your slide show is so pretty... I always love visiting your place! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Good morning Janet,
    Your new stovetop is gorgeous !! Isn't it funny how we get soo excited about new appliances .. they become as valuable as girlie friendships !! hahaha .. Notice they are always SHE"S !! LoVe it !! Your puppy love .. ADORABLE !! Have a sweet day my friend ~
    HuGs ~tea~ xo

  3. Ooh you are a serious chef! That's some great cooktop. Very nice.

    Your little doggy is so sweet. I bet my kitties would like to play with him.

    Love the butterflies too.


  4. Oh you lucky girl! I have wanted a Jenn~Air for years, I bet it is so awesome. I love your sweet puppy and your photos are awesome.

  5. fufu-your new gas cooktop looks great! I have the same dilemna & am also looking to swap out our glass cooktop. I just called the gas company for a price on installing a propane tank! Are we on the same wavelength or what??? happy cooking my friend! xoxo tutts