July 24, 2010

Flea Markets & Brocantes Of Paris Via Phone

Photo by Janet Coon ~ Shabbyfufu

Bonjour mes amies....dreaming of the flea markets in Paris this morning and bemoaning the fact that here in Miami there is little to be found during the extreme heat and humidity of summer. It's good that I have a storeroom full of saved merchandise though, I still have items for my shop at Shabbyfufu to last well into our Fall buying season.............

Photo by Janet Coon ~ Shabbyfufu ~ Marche aux Puces
 For you iPhone devotees, I thought that I would mention an app that will direct you to those fabeleux fleas over in Paris.....where you know the selection of wares is always très chic! Click HERE to visit and see..........

Photo Courtesy of Keys To The Fleas, iPhone App

Photo Courtesy of Keys To The Fleas, iPhone App

Photo Courtesy of Keys To The Fleas, iPhone App

Developed by fellow Miami resident Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment and her team....Keys To The Fleas. I downloaded it to my iPhone and the next time I am over in Paris it will certainly remind me of where I need to concentrate my focus!

Check it out......she is having an App giveaway that I believe is still going, so you can visit her blog HERE

Have a beautiful weekend...I actually have a RARE weekend to myself and hope to visit your blogs and play catch up!



Rebecca said...

I'm dreaming of Paris and I'm sooo going! We are already making plans.

Thanks for all this info Miss J!

Happy Pink Saturday to you my friend. Rest well!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Have a wonderful, restful weekend, Janet! Love the app, it's very pretty, hope to be able to use it! I know you must have beautiful things in your storeroom!!

rustandruffles said...

Oh wow...an app for Paris fleas...wowzers.
Happy day!

parisapartment said...

Your photos are just gorgeous! I love the 'MES AMIS'! Thanks for telling your readers about the app, hope to meet up with you in Paris soon! xc

Julie Marie said...

Hello Janet... hope you are having a wonderful weekend... it is sooo hot here today, but I managed to go to Barnes and Noble for the newest magazines... I am already thinking about your Putz houses again this year... I know Christmas is a long ways off, but I want to get at least one new one of yours each year... love to you, Kisses Murphy... xoxo Julie Marie

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Janet, I bought a pink couch at ikea this week~ thought of you! ( :
Have a pretty day!