July 9, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo And Other Bits

Scroll down and read about the above at the end (huh!?)

Little time for blogging.....it seems like I say that a lot lately, but life does get busy and the time goes by so quickly! 

We have been spending some time when we can at our beach place. It really forces us to unwind and relax more than we seem to be able to do at home. Last weekend we enjoyed a superb fireworks show right on the beach that a neighbor puts on every year for all to enjoy. I got some great shots.....won't bore you, but here is one that looks like a spacial explosion.......

We had absolutely NO sun for the four days that we were there.....so we did some antique shopping, working out, getting together with friends and RESTING. Mr Fufu took this pic of me that I think I'll use as a new profile photo for awhile. So cloudy that you can't even see the beach behind me.....

At home this weekend, need to work on a very special project for a special someone....as well as get some new listings in order for the website for next week. 

Do you remember our master bedroom from Romantic Country Magazine a couple of years ago?

We are redecorating...just in the very beginning stages right now, but I feel the need to declutter in my advancing age! Waiting for this to arrive~except ours will be in white, not cream. The theme will still be very romantic, just different.......

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.....what are you up to???



  1. Love the new photo, Janet! The head board is lovely too, can't wait to see it all finished, know it will be breathtaking to the eye. I'm with you, don't have time to post on my blog much, enjoying the summer and all that goes with it (daughter moving back in temporarily and cramping my space!). Have a great weekend, can tell you do a lot of pilates from your photo ;)

  2. Hi Janet, love those fireworks! And your photo is gorgeous! It will be a perfect profile pic, you are so pretty! I have my magazine still with your bedroom in it... I love how it looks there... hope you don't change it tooo much! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hi Janet,
    You are looking lovely in your new photo!

    Your bedroom is going to look great with that headboard as a starter. Can't wait to see the finished room.


  4. Hi Janet! I too love the new pic..girl you look GOOD!! Can tell you work out hard!! The headboard looks heavenly!!! I cant wait to see the finished project..I know it will be gorgeous!
    I had to work last weekend..so this weekend I am resting! lol..well maybe a few re-aranging projects:) You inspire me!

  5. Hi Janet,

    We are going to paint our bedroom next week...Divine Cream is the name and it's being painted on everything I can touch..LOL It's a soft white. It really brightens up the house since we have natural wood walls and floors.

    I guess my decor is leaning towards shabby whimsical.

    I've got a few vintage woven coverlets laid out to decide which one to cut up for covering my lampshades.

    Other than my studio...I have come to the conclusion that "less is more". The energy flows, it just feels so good and there's not much to dust!!

    I'll watch for your bedroom update...I've yet to decide exactly what's happening with mine other than the color and the possibility of hinging three doors together to make a screen of sorts to provide some more storage. Possibly through shabby slips and stuff over the screen to lend the idea of the screens you'd walk behind to undress. You know what I mean??

    Have a great weekend,
    Stephanie ♥

  6. I have tagged you with a blog award for being a "Versatile Blogger", please come by my blog and see...


  7. I love the headboard..I have been decluttering too and it feels great!

  8. Your new headboard is so pretty! I recently bought a similar one at the thrift store...it was the deal of the century!

  9. Hi Janet,
    Slways LoVe to see something NeW !! your bedroom will look gorgeous I'm sure !! There is something about whites I must say .. in any shade !!

    You look soo good in your NeW picture .. LiFe is treating you well, I can tell !! BEAUTIFUL !! Well sweetie, thanks for always sharing pretty, and here's wishing you a wonderful, relaxing week-end doing something FuN ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  10. Janet love the new photo of you.
    Sound slike you have had some relaxation at the beach.
    Your headboard will look fabulous. Can't wait to see the new look of your room

  11. Janet

    I absolutely love the headboard and can't wait to see the room once your finished.

    I am simplifying things around my home too. It really feels good!

    I love the new pic, you look fantastic.

  12. Can I ask what issue of Romantic Country was this in??? I have them all and would love to go back and revisit it!


  13. Hi Janet, the headboard is just what I am looking for our bedroom. It's so Mad Men and Rachel Ashwell combined. I love them. And you look wonderful in your photograph. xx