July 21, 2010

Seeking Inspiration

Seeking inspiration for this room....

The Master Bedroom new headboard that I told you about in a previous post is scheduled to arrive today.
My process is to clear out the room and try paint samples. I am going from 15 years of the very palest blush pink to the very palest of grey. Almost white. I'll show you....later........

Very subtle accents with lots of white. In my job I deal with so many things, objects, colors...I need a quieter retreat. Same for hubby......

The view is of the pool out the French doors, gardens outside of bay window...so this must be considered. Did someone say AQUA?...... 

I am thinking again, very palest quiet and calm. Seeking inspiration from some images that I shot today.....

Please.....if you wish to "borrow" any of my images, email for permission first....

Back to my Studio....I am working on something for a special someone that I can't tell you about yet:-)

Love from here,


  1. oh, I am lovin' all your inspiration!!!

  2. Hi Janet, so very pretty! I can't wait to see your room all finished... I love aqua too... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh my gosh...I could not possibly advise shabby fufu...you are MY main source of inspiration! But I will look forward to the finished result. Wishing you many calm and peaceful moments in your retreat!

  4. Hi Janet,
    oh wow, so much inspiration to go by!
    How about that very soft pink you were talking about with one wall a very soft muted aqua?
    Just throwing you some ideas here after seeing your inspiration pics.

  5. Oh how your blog inspires me. I just want to stop right now, get off my laptop and head for my workroom and create something!!

    Cannot wait to see your headboard.


  6. I am really loving your photos for your inspirations! Can't wait till everything is done and just perfect for you to reveal all to us! I know it will be simply gorgeous :)

  7. beautiful photos, janet!


  8. Janet, I'm loving your new look! I tried Ralph Lauren's 'Grande' which is the lightest of grays, almost white and I love it. In the process of painting the kitchen as we speak. White and gray of course! Beautiful inspirational photos!!!Cannot wait to see it all ~ xoRoberta