July 17, 2010

Still A Girl

I'm still a girl........

And although my home is in redo mode and I am craving less clutter, I feel so fortunate to have my studio haven to create in and enjoy my girl side every day......

Today I finished this........
Another of my dress forms that will be offered on the website at Shabbyfufu soon. I have made literally hundreds over years, but if you've been following for any length of time you already know that......

Also working on a project for our beach home, I'll blog the completed piece soon......

Remember....the 10% Website DISCOUNT is still in effect.....see the sidebar button....contact me if you have any questions. Thanks to several of you who have already used it:-)

Love from here to all of my GIRLfriends~
xoxo ~ Janet


  1. Hi Janet,

    Gasp! Let me get my vapors...How I wish I had one for every room in my home.....but you know what I really need in a desperate way is a WHITE chandelier for my bedroom.

    It can't drop more than 20 inches so I'm guessing it would be classified as a small one...I've looked on your site and the small ones are all sold....anymore coming up soon??

    I'll email you with my budget [which is totally interfering with what I want!} The generic ones are all bronze, silver, pewter or brass...NO, NO!! LOL

    I'm joining the French Cupboard for their Rosette Party this weekend..you should really link this post to that party!

    I'll be in touch,
    Stephanie ♥

  2. Your talent amazes me. I love the mannequin, she's so girlie. Isn't it wonderful we can slip away into our work rooms and be whatever we want to be, and being girlie is always the best.


  3. OMG!! That dress form is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in pink!! Wowzers!!

  4. Hi Janet,
    Sigh!!! This dress form is absolutely amazing, so gorgeous. Beautiful work.

  5. Love all you do! You have the BEST forms I've ever ever seen.



  6. Oh my so pretty! I love it!

  7. Oh Janet, she is beautiful!
    Im decluttering too, though it is hard to part with alot of it!

  8. Hi Janet... oooh, one day I SHALL own one of your beautiful dressforms! They are so exquisite, and I want my own sooo bad! I am sure there is something I NEED in your shop... hate to let that 10 percent savings get away! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I cannot wait to see your beach house project Janet! I hope there will be a tutorial...xoR

  10. She's a beauty Janet! I think she is definitely all girl too.