July 28, 2010

White Dressing Screen Inspiration & Tutorial

Today I spent half the day driving around the busy city of Miami returning a rental car and picking up my car from the body shop, as someone hit my SUV two weeks ago and really did a number on it! On my way back home I noticed a "Moving Sale" sign on an antique store, so I stopped in and browsed around. The prices were too high for me as a dealer for the most part, but I did find some gorgeous antique lace panels to use in my pillows. Since they had damage and repairs they were only $15 for a pair (yay!), so soon I will get busy sewing a fresh batch of pillows for my shoppe at SHABBYFUFU......

We have been trying to find the perfect white paint for the bedroom and I believe (yes I do!) that we have success! The room has been this pretty shade of blush pink for 15 years and it's time for a change.....to Benjamin Moore Dove White, which is a white that has a very pale hint of grey undertone. It's going to be a big job, but I hope to at least get started this weekend. In the meanwhile, I have a project to share for inspiration..............

Years and years ago I picked up this antique dressing screen that has it's original vintage roses wallpaper at a Flea Market in Mt. Dora. That was in the old days before flea marketing became a blogger's obsession.....when you could still finds lots of great antiques and vintage for a song! In any event, I remember paying just $10 for this, as the seller told me that it fell out of his truck and had some damage and he was going to toss it in the trash! Dressing screens are wonderful for concealing clutter, and we have a pair of the largest suitcases in the world that I just couldn't find a hiding place for anywhere else. So.........

In going with the white theme of the room, what I decided to do was to make this multi purpose and leave one side of the three panels as it is..........and redo the other side in white. 

First I primed it (including the frame) with my favorite brush on primer, Kilz. I used a "dry brush" technique, because I knew that I was going to be putting lace over it and wanted it to have a distressed look under the lace. On the wood portion I wiped it down a bit with a rag to allow the fluting to show. Just one coat had the shabby look that I knew would work.....

After allowing the paint sufficient time to dry, I dug out these lace curtains that I had picked up a couple of years ago from my neighbor who was having a yard sale for $10 for six pair. They aren't old and are from Country Curtains, but I knew that I could use them some day and actually I remember Fifi pulling them out and styling with them during a Romantic Country Magazine photo shoot of my home........

Just a can of spray adhesive was necessary after carefully measuring and cutting out. The edges looked a bit rough so I trimmed with some pretty white double ruffled ribbon all away around......

And this is the finished result......

A little rustic, looks old....like something one might find at a flea market in France. The other side is still the original finish, so it's two fold...so to speak.....

You could use this technique on any old dressing screen, or even put together some old wood doors and finish them out this way. 

More bedroom to show you as we make more progress......



  1. LOVE IT!!! Ms. Janet!!! So pretty & romantic:) I loved the tutorial..sounds easy enough ..even for me..lol!! Love your flea market finds sweets..& the prices!! Wow..dont see that much anymore!
    Also love the Dover White:) I have used that color before & LOVE it!
    Cant wait to see the whole bedroom..I know it will be goregous!!

  2. The screen looks fabulous, Janet!! I took one look at those curtains and recognized them as the ones I had in my living room for a few years. I still have them somewhere!

    Can't wait to see the pillows you make! :-)


  3. Janet you are such a wonderful creative talent! This is gorgeous! I would love to have the screen or a similar one! You created such a unqique one of a kind experience! Thanks for sharing today. Anne

  4. Hi Janet,
    I just love coming over here to visit and look around. The screen looks great with the lace and the dry brush technique. So pretty.
    Love the way you have set it up too.


  5. Lovely Janet! Thanks for sharing your talent!


  6. Hello Janet... your screen is absolutely beautiful!!! I love Country Curtains by the way, and those look like the lace valance I have in my crafts room, called Country Lace... I have bought from Country Curtains for over twenty years and I still love them... you are so talented and come up with the best ideas for making something over... luckily, we still have some pretty good tag sales~estate sales here in Utah (I think Utah is about ten years behind the times for the most part!) and I still get some good buys... I would love to do a screen like yours! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Janet ~ what a lovely tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us! All of that lace looks divine! I've heard through the grapevine that a lot of people out there in "our world" use that Dove White paint so here's hoping that it works well for you! Be sure to take pics when you're done. It's funny...you are covering up the light pink that you've had in your bedroom for years and I am thinking of covering up the white that I've had in our bedroom for years with, dig this, light pink! LOL! (*_*)

  8. That is so creative and it looks amazing!

  9. Hi Janet

    Yes those good old days when you went Flea Marketing and come home with treasures...few and far between for me too now!

    Love your revamp...I must research "Dover White"...I just can't get my head around how many white choices we have!!

    Will email you soon...haven't forgotten.

    Happy redecorating to you!!
    Gail xx

  10. Thanks for your comment Janet, sometimes it helps to take a step back for a little while...
    I love what you have done with the screen, I have a few screens in need of repair, hopefully you have given me enough inspiration to 'do' something!

  11. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my slipcovers !! I'm loving them ... Can't wait to see your bedroom redone !! sounds Fabulous !! there is something about whites that speak to my very soul .. very soothing .. What a wonderful place (your bedroom) to make soo light and fresh .. You will have to check out the latest Romantic Home magazine .. they showcase a home in every shade of white your shabby lovin' heart would EvEr want to see .. I'm still in awe over the whole feature .. Just beautiful !!

    Happy decorating sweet friend, and have a happy, maybe a bit cooler day for you ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo