August 26, 2010

A Bedroom Pared.....In White

Yep... tastes evolve over time....and it was time for a change in the master bedroom, my sanctuary....and in this post I'll share it with you. Perhaps some inspiration in that we don't have to get stuck in a rut, no matter how many years are under your proverbial belt.....
The before.......

Styled by Fifi O'Neill for a Romantic Country Magazine photo shoot and blogged about in a previous post. Very pretty and girly.....keeping in mind that it was styled and we never actually slept with rose petals scattered on the bed:-)

And after, the bedroom pared down in white and it's still a work in progress....

There is a long hallway leading to the master bedroom, as this part of the house was an us...

I painted the walls White Dove
by Benjamin Moore. If you aren't familiar with that colorway, it's a white that has a very subtle background note of grey. Painting this room was loads of work, the room is large ~ 14 feet by 17 feet! I'm still considering painting the ceiling a super pale blue. There are two pairs of French doors that look out to the pool that might be a nice way to tie in my love for pale blue.

The cabinet houses a television and some linens.
The petite chandelier is not old, it's a Tracy Porter piece that was hanging in one of our girl's rooms when she was growing up....and I revamped it for some light in that corner.

The tile floors are a dusty grey/pink with grey grout. They have damage from the floor settling and need to be replaced. We will go with wood, maybe next year......
This old bench is what our sweet Cavalier Spaniel Murphy jumps on to get into bed with us. He is getting to be an older dog and doesn't actually get up there much for now I covered the bench with a flouncy easily removed bedspread. Someday perhaps I'll get around to tackling recovering it...
The white denim twill upholstered tufted headboard is the only piece that I purchased in the redo....everything else was relocated or repurposed as I shopped my own house.
I still want to hang something over the bed....thinking about an antique beaded framed French religious relic that I brought home from my last trip to the Paris flea markets...
I love this used to be cherry or mahogany, not sure which? I painted it a semi gloss white and replaced the hardware with some antique French pulls that I found at a French flea market.
The chandelier redo.....white paint, vintage cut glass bobeches, vintage crystal drops in a faded lemon yellow and pale aqua, and old Italian macaroni drops.

I want to hang another chandelier in the room over the bed, but we need the ceiling fan....since we live in South Florida.....
See that hit of pale blue or aqua from the pool? Blue will be a pale accent color, just very muted, probably in some pillows with old grainsack perhaps.
I have a bunch of these windows and can't wait to do something with the rest of them!
Can you tell how much I swoon over this headboard! The bed is waiting for me to sew up some accent pillows...
Alabaster lamps.....old ones, estate acquired years ago. The silk shades are ripped, I don't care.....
Tattered antique French book with antique lace. Would it be crazy to say that this was the inspiration for an entire room?.....
More of those yummy, delicious, antique yellow chandelier ball drop crystals. Yellow is not by nature a color that I am drawn to, but these...oh yeah....
I showed you the screen redo in a previous post. An old dressform that I painted wears a tattered antique slip and ruffled prom gown top. At her top is a post that I cut off the bed, which used to be a four poster.....
Love, love, love my old six foot long shabby pink wood bench! I acquired it from my friend Cindy many years ago and I don't think that I could ever part with it. Like everything else here I just move things around.....
Lots of antique laces for the feminine touch that's still needed in this sanctuary retreat...
I hope that you enjoyed my little tour.....I'll have more for you as the room progresses
So until next time......


  1. Oh dear Janet,
    Every bit of your room is gorgeous and filled with inspiration for all of us out here, thank you! I can see how the books wrapped in lace inspired you, they inspire me too. I bet your ceiling would look dreamy painted that pale shade of blue you're thinking of in your mind's eye ;)

    I loved this tour!

  2. You did an incredible job on your bedroom, Janet, if it were possible to make it any nicer than it was! The whites are all just impossibly dreamy, I would spend every minute I could in there!

    It's something to learn from you, that you can redo a room just by moving things around. The lovely headboard is a beautiful addition. I like what you did with the armoire, too, it sounds like your bedroom set was very much like ours is.

    I'm starting to like subtle grays, too. I just did our bath in Teardrop and I love it.



  3. Love the fresh & romantic! Congrats on 249th post soon to be 250th! Take care..


  4. Hello Janet... everything just looks beautiful! I absolutely adored your "before" look too... your chandelier is so pretty with the aqua... kisses to Murphy... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Love the redo:) Very very nice!!!

  6. Oh Janet...LOVE LOVE your new bedroom!!! I wanna come live in that so calm & peaceful! Just like you sweets!
    Love the color..& of course all the lace & fu-fu:) Your so talented!

  7. Oh beautiful, just beautiful!
    Love, love,love,love it!!!

  8. Janet-I absolutely love it-you did a marvelous job. I think the ceiling would be gorgeous painted a pale, pale blue.

    There is so much to look at-I hardly know where to look first-but I am going back to look again when I am done

    I have used BM's Dove White for years. It is my favorite of all their whites-just a hint of cream-an almost perfect white. I re-did an old historical home about 10 years ago and I used 72 gallons!!!!! of paint repainting all the wood work in the place. That was a labor of love! Diana

  9. What a great job! All looks so beautiful and fresh.

  10. Janet the room looks wonderful, I think with the lace you mix in it does not make it a cold feeling which
    I always felt too much white was, but I love it, maybe I will get busy painting too. You have done a beautiful job. I am excited to see your new site. hugs.

  11. Thanks so much for the tour of your gorgeous room! I'm into bolder colors, but appreciate the more subtle approach, especially when it's full of vintage details!

  12. I love everything about your bedroom and I wouldn't change a thing.
    It's filled with so many lovely things and I could just pile up in that comfy bed and never leave.

    Congratulations on your soon to be 250th post.


  13. I love everything about your bedroom and I wouldn't change a thing.
    It's filled with so many lovely things and I could just pile up in that comfy bed and never leave.

    Congratulations on your soon to be 250th post.


  14. Hi Janet,
    Hope you are well! Your room looks so yummy with all the white. It is one of my favorite looks, so relaxing, like a spa. Perhaps we'll see it featured soon in one of our favorite magazines. I've noticed this season there seems to be a huge trend towards greys and colors with grey undertones. I didn't imagine I would ever think this, but I find them refreshing! Can't wait to see more. Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  15. Janet,
    Your redo is mesmerizing and breathtaking! Actually, the pale grey is a hot thing over here now, and I am doing MAJOR, MAJOR redo in my 2 mall spaces over Labor Day weekend, and have some furniture pieces in that grey that is so hot right now. Your bedroom is very inspiring!

  16. Janet, Where do I begin with how beautiful this is! What an absolutely beautiful job you did! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    Have a pretty day!

  17. FUFU.....dove white is what I use everywhere & for all my woodwork! It reminds me of marshmallow fluff. Your bedroom is just beyond gorgeous! Makes me want to paint mine right this minute!!!! Hugs my friend....ox tutts

  18. this photos are beautifull i love them
    bonne journée

  19. Janet your room is gorgeous.
    How wonderful to have a room so big

  20. Janet, what an incredible transformation!!!! I love that it looks serene, unfussed and unclittered... That's where I am tending to go these days... Please show us more!!

  21. Absolutely love it Janet, its so elegant and restful. Isnt a great thing that our tastes change over time though, the creativity never stops!

  22. Janet,

    It's all so beautiful.
    I'll be watching for more

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  23. How gorgeous....I want one just like that! lol!!! Off to paint my bedroom...The chandelier is amazing!

  24. gasp after swoon after gasp after swoon ...

    the pale blue chandelier crystals are beyond words.

    thank you for the sweet and encouraging comments you always leave for me. they make my day!

    happy weekend


  25. Love your bedroom makeover Janet! I also "home shop"! Have a good one!

  26. Just fabulous! Funny..I never thought I would get tired of roses, pinks and aqua , but I am slowly getting rid of it. I couldn't do it all at once, but I'm going through the less is more

  27. Janet! Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love the tone on tone of the whites with splashes of aqua. Gorgeous! May I ask what your bedskirt is made of? I am redoing our bedroom and am in need of a new one. We have a very tall bed, so I need to find a skirt that will fit it - or make one myself.

    I so enjoyed the tour!


  28. Oh! I do believe this just might be perfection! WOW!

    m ^..^

  29. Hi Janet,
    Oh my gosh your room is just heavenly. I simply adore everything about it. Love the shade of white you chose.

  30. Hi Janet! Your re-do is GORGEOUS!!! Very elegant and you! Everything looks so perfect in your space and it sounds fun that you were able to "shop" your own house. I'd like to come "shop" your house too! LOL. Enjoyed my visit tonight ~ xo Joy

  31. Your room is gorgeous! Love the old journal inspiration piece.
    I just updated my bedroom, too. I loved it, but it was time for a change. :-)


  32. Love the change! I'm getting tired of all my roses too! Thanks for the visit to my blog :) We're doing very well and I'm sure we owe it all to location! We get tourists from all over the US and International. Maybe you'll make it out this way me if you do!


  33. So beautiful!!
    Love every inch of it!

    Deborah :)

  34. I love your 'new' bedroom ... It would be so nice to see what's been changed or upgraded, etc since those photos were taken. I reeeeaaaallly adore the small crystal light! As for the lampshades & the blue ceiling ... I have recently seen some lampshades with blue cabbage roses on a white background. I think it was an Ashwell fabric ... less of the flowers & more of the white .. but it would be the perfect compliment to your blue room without much blue. It looked delicious once the light was turned on.