August 13, 2010

Sea Dreams

At the beach home one can't help but become inspired by the colors of the ever changing sea and the sand..... 

I've collected beach glass for many years now and use some of my old Mason jars to hold these little bits....

A bowl that I threw back in college. In case you are new here, I used to be a potter...many moons ago......

I have always had a love affair with the color aqua....

So here we are at our beach home and luckily he can sometimes run his business from here with today's technology. I've tried to get him to relax some and yesterday we did spend half the day in the ocean.....

After I put him to work that is.....
I have been wanting to tile the back splash in the kitchen at this place for awhile.....

We were in Home Depot last weekend picking up some things for our house (where we live day to day) and I spied this glass mosaic tile. Perfect! Beach colors....soft colors of the sea. The sea when it's happy and the sea when it's angry....

I love the way that it turned out....very HAPPY!
More of those Mason jars......

A view of the kitchen from the dining room. It's not a large backsplash, quite small indeed. Just adds some interest beyond the builder grade wall. Oh, excuse the mess on the counters..... 

Remember a previous post with these elements shown? Old frames painted white, burlap and sea fans...


I have been seeing sea fans mounted in shadow box frames at various art and antique shows the last couple of years. Very expensive and a bit too modern for my taste buds.....

I have a large stash (too large!) of antique frames that I've amassed and these two are around the same size and both with the original wavy glass. They aren't a matching pair, but no matter as I painted them white and they work.  The backs were missing so I replaced with foam core that I covered in a bleached burlap. The sea fans were from a shell shop here in Florida. I painted them pale aqua...brushed on. Then hot glued to the burlap and mounted under the cleaned up glass and nailed on the backs........

We hung them over the twin beds in one of the bedrooms.....

This is the room that the girls used to stay in when they would come up here with us. It used to be very girly and pink, but now it's a bit older. So are they....they don't get up here with us much anymore, so the room is more appropriate for guests of any sort..... 

Hard to capture the room well, but the massive framed sea fans are not as far apart as they seem here. It's a quiet space for sea dreams.....

Happy day to you from here at the beach....

I'll be having a fabulous giveaway soon for my 250th post!



  1. What a great post...all my favorite sea things. Your backsplash turned out wonderful. I fell in love with your kitchen from the photo, I like things that reflect the sea as opposed to nautical. The sea fans are gorgeous, you did a fabulous job, and they look great in your guest room.

    Hope you are having a relaxing time!


  2. oh, I would stay there forever!!! everything is just gorgeous!

  3. So very lovely. The glass tiles are the same ones my daughter just used in her Milwaukee house. I love them there and I love them here. Classy and understated..and earthy-real- Love the sea fans-you did a grea job with those. Diana

  4. Hi Janet,
    How could you not dream at your beach home? It's dreamy peaceful for certain with such serene colors just floating like gossamer wings on air.

    The back splash is just right, you picked out a good one. I almost feel like I'm vacation just looking into your beach retreat. No wonder those land crabs want in, it's so sweet.

  5. The sea fans are so pretty really love how you framed them, beautiful bedroom and love all the white!


  6. So pretty are those framed sea fans, but I adore the bedheads, are they gates?Love, love, love them!
    Oh, and 'he' did a great job on the backsplash!

  7. Beautiful beach house. I could just meander along the beach forever. What a special place to return to.

  8. hi janet,

    your home is beachy-fabulous. how's that for a new word? love every pic from backsplash to frilly pillow!


  9. Hi Janet the beach house is lovely. Love the splashback and love your seaglass display

  10. I think your sea glass looks perfect in the mason jars and of course, they look perfect in front of your new backsplash. My eyes had trouble getting past that gorgeous chandelier!
    Love the sea fan art you created, they look great over the guest beds. Such a pretty room.