August 22, 2010

While Everyone Is Fleamarketing

While everyone is flea marketing I've been nesting indoors in the airconditioning and staying far, far away from the oppressive heat and humidity that marks summer in Miami. The way that I see it, our summer is your winter. You will be nesting in a few months while I am out hitting the fleas....funny how that is!

Been working on trying to get the website redesigned, and hopefully that will be a finished project within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I have been spending time with the family, redecorating the master bedroom (will share that with you soon!) and creating some new items for the site (will share those on the new site.....soon, soon, all soon!). 

Here is a custom romantic dress form order that I just finished.....that I will share with you today!

Talk to you soon my friends....
xoxo ~ Janet


  1. Hello Janet... that does seem odd that your summer is our winter... love the beautiful dress form... one day... I shall have mine from you too! (I hope!) xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Janet-You should see us here in the Midwest. We have been almost as hot and humid as you are! (Well, not YOU personally, but your area). I used to live in Palm Beach Gardens so I GET the heat! We had wild parrots in our backyard...even they were quiet during this time of year.

    The dress form is absolutely gorgeous! Wow-You are a talented girl! Diana

  3. Janet, this is one beautiful girl you have here! Just gorgeous! No one does it better.

  4. Janet,

    She is beautiful!! As hot as it's been here I know how much worse it it there. I lived in the deep south humidity off and on my whole life. It's suffocating!

    I'll be watching for your website update.

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  5. Hi Janet,
    Can't blame you for staying in where it is nice and cool. It's so hot here too and it's no fun at all!

    I am so in love with your mannequin.
    She is lovely with all her ruffles and lacey loveliness.

    Your buyer is so lucky.


  6. Janet- I don't blame you staying inside in the air conditioning!
    That dress is unbelievably beautiful.
    Can not wait to see your bedroom! Can't wait to see the new website!
    I will be checking !
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Oh Janet,
    The dress form is beautiful and looks lighter than air in it's colors. What a lucky person to have that piece delivered to their door step.

    Can't wait to see the website and new goodies too. Oh & hi Murphy, you're getting quite famous in your own right too ;)