September 23, 2010

Miami and Paris....Temporary Digs

Keeping me too busy to blog lately. Temporary digs for daughters.....Paris, Miami...

I can hardly believe that it's been a month since I posted to my blog! In real life (as opposed to on line life) the time just seems to go by so quickly that by the end of the day I have nothing left in me to get on the computer and write or read. Do you know what I mean? Blogging should come from the heart and not out of obligation or for popularity after all.

That being said, if you are here and choose to read about what I've been up to lately I am honored and quite happy!

First and foremost have been family matters. If you have been a reader for awhile then you probably know that we have two wonderful daughters who are in their twenties. We have been empty nesters for awhile now, but one daughter has recently moved home to the family house here in Miami (temporarily, hopefully) we've been helping her get settled back in. Her decor style is modern....much more so than mine, but she has great taste and set up a nice little nest for her stay here.

Our other daughter is about to move to Paris (temporarily, much to her chagrin) for a fabulous work/learning opportunity, and will be there until the end of the year. She's leaving in a few days, and moving out of her cute art deco South Beach apt....
Into a Paris apt that does not look like your typical Paris apt at all....but nonetheless will serve her well for her stay so far from home. If I tell you that I spent 3 weeks pretty much full time trying to find her an apt in Paris to suit the would not be an understatement! Affordable apts in Paris ( in Paris, France!) are very scarce and then when you come across one it seems to be scooped up in an instant! Here are a few shots of the place, courtesy of the agency that I was working with at New York Habitat....

Will I go? You know my love for France and Paris in we will see, I simply haven't decided as of yet.
I've also been busy working on revamping my website at Shabbyfufu and it's finally finished!

I hope that you have a chance to visit and come back and tell me what you think. You can click on the website name above to go to the site......we've loaded it up with some pretty and romantic items and made it easier to navigate.

I'll be back soon with a giveaway.....this is my 250th post!


  1. Hoe lucky it would be to go to Paris and have a 'free' place to stay as well. The pictures are must be so proud of both your daughters!

    I'm off to visit your website...I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!


  2. Hi Janet,
    How exciting for one of the Fufu daughters to be heading for Paris very soon. I loved her old apartment though, that was so cute but the new apt looks cute too! I hear you on the part about putting your heart into what you've got to say here. The people that really want to hear what's going on will visit again and again no matter how often you post and know it comes from a special place!

    Your website and blog are looking beautiful, I love the changes and the serene feel of both with light colors and easy reading text too, not to mention all the beautiful items!

  3. Ahh yes life, it has a way of interupting blogging doesnt it....
    It seems your girls are going through some changes, and it is nice to know they always have you both to lean on.I have two daughters and a son.My girls are almost at the stage of moving out,though Im not ready for it yet!
    I love your new website, it is so pretty, and definitely much easier to use.I love the slideshows, I would love to do that in my website one day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was thinking about you the other day and realized that you hadn't posted for awhile. Now, I know why. I'm excited for your daughters and I know you are too.

    Best wishes to them in their careers.


  5. Janet, it sounds pretty busy for you. oh Paris when your young, I would love it. glad you have been spending time with your loved ones, they are of course what matters. will be here anytime you are, try to enjoy, no stress. lol. is that possible. hugs.

  6. Janet, I am so happy for you that your daughters are doing so well! My three sons are all doing great right now... that makes a momma so happy!
    Funny, I thought of you today, I spent the day painting and painting things white for the new little house. And an adorable little stool I got at a thrift shop that went from bright red to pink.
    I hope it isn't a month til we hear from you again! haha! But... if it is , I understand!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Your web site looks fabulous! I am understand how quickly and easy it is to be "gone" for a month!!! Real off line life gets quite busy for me too!! Adorable living spaces!

  8. Hi Janet,
    Your website is gorgoeus! I love the look and feel of it. The cahnges are beautiful. And so are the goods. So many amazing tresures. Those ruffled barkcloth totes are absolutely to die for!!! I am in love with all the canvas prints.
    I sure hope you get to spend a few days in Paris with your daughter. That would be a blast!
    I love hearing from you, but I really love coming over and getting all the inspiration I get here. You are such a wonderful talent. I loved what you said about blogging without guilt. The reason most of us post is for the pleasure of sharing, and that's what it should be about.

  9. Hi I just found your blog thanks to my graama's soul. I love it. Your teacup chandliers are beautiful. Enter me in your drawing. Thanks