November 29, 2010

Over The Top....Last Of Paris...Versailles

Hello to all, I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday (my American friends) and to my overseas friends... a lovely regular weekend.

I'm posting the last of the Paris photos today that I'll share on the blog today...unless you have any other requests. I have lots more pictures of our Parisian adventures, but I don't want to bore you. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks since we were overseas visiting "Paris daughter" it seems like a lifetime ago, and now it's time to focus on other things.

Won't you travel with me to the over the top Palace of Versailles?

It was Armistice Day in France and we were fortunate to catch a parade in the village.........

Some of the worst weather that I've ever experienced in my many trips to Paris. Cold and raining and so much wind that your umbrella turned inside out and might put you into flight if you stood in one place too long. Mary Poppins was not French!

Speaking of that crazy French weather....this photo is not Versailles, rather was taken just this morning by "Paris daughter" outside of her Paris apartment. Yes, it's now snowing in Paris!

The trolley service over to the Petite Trianon was not running due to the inclement weather, and only served as a place to sit and get out of the cold. Unfortunately we didn't go to the Petite Trianon on this visit, as "Paris daughter" was not feeling up to the long walk due to her asthma.....

So much ornateness....if that's even a word!....

Hall of Mirrors......

Marie Antoinette's chamber. The last time that we were at Versailles we couldn't get close enough to even take a photo. One bonus to visiting in the off season was no lines or waiting anywhere......

I'll be back soon, I hope that you enjoyed the photos and that you have a great week.....

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  1. Oh Janet, I love all of your Paris photos, and never ever get bored with them... infact, I wish you would post them all! I love that you were there for Armistice Day... I just posted a beautiful French bottle of cognac France gave my daddy during the War, reserved for French troops and their allies, so I LOVED seeing the photo of the parade on this day... and Marie Antoinette's chamber... how stunning! Paris looks so beautiful and now I really, really want to go... but since I can't right now, I will go visit your shop instead!... love to you... kisses to Murphy... xoxo Julie Marie PS My beautiful "Keep Calm" totebag arrived, I love it! Merci for the pretty little card too!...

  2. Hello dear lady....I've been to all those spots you posted about today...AHHHHH.....sweet memories!



  3. They look so beautiful Janet, if only I could see it in person...lovely!

  4. Oh! What glorious shots of wonderful to see all of that up close and personal. I am so glad that you share them with all of us! Hugs-Diana

  5. Thank you for the beautiful tour of Versailles! I really have enjoyed all of your pictures of Paris. Too bad about the bad weather...that would be my luck!

    Have a good week, Janet!


  6. Gorgeous pics hon! Love looking at all the stunning pics! Never tire of the beauty:) Its all just stunning!!
    Deb:) xoxo

  7. oh my goodness, REMARKABLE! What a lovely trip! Your photos are breath taking! Stunning!

  8. Thanks for following. Good luck with the contest. I just love Paris!!! xoxo janette mallory