December 14, 2010

Lovely Win To Inspire More White Decor

Greetings and holiday love to all!

Just a quick post (post haste!) on this very cold South Florida evening, and's COLD here and I am not complaining. Normally we sweat and fry eggs on the sidewalk (just kidding about the eggs, but you could:-), so this weather is a relief. It's nice not to sweat, but with the temp this morning at 32, I feel for the orange growers here in Florida.....and there are not that many of those groves left anyway.

On to my post....I was so thrilled to have won a blog giveaway, and a fabulous one at that! I want to thank the lovely Tricia over at the blog MorningT for sending these to me and the fabulous designer Janette Mallory for hosting this giveaway at her blog (click on their blog names to go visit).

I won this gorgeous pair of Aidan Gray candlesticks and they are just so fabulous in all of their French reproduction style.....don't you agree?

Photo from the Morning T blog, I have not had a chance to photograph them myself yet, so I hope that Tricia doesn't mind me using her photo, all credit due......
They might inspire me to continue that living room redo that I started about a year ago and have not had the gumption to finish. Definitely going for that WHITE look in our home, with this antique French tufted sofa......
Do you remember how it looked when I found it while out junking?  There's a previous post here somewhere!......
Maybe I'll use them in my dining room that is also in a "redo" state of white.......
In addition to all of the white, I'm on a button tufted kick. An estate purchase....leaving the French bleu velvet fabric as it's in pretty good shape. This chair is currently residing in the dining room.....but you know how that goes!.....
Maybe I'll use them in the master bedroom? Still working on this room as well and can just never find the time to finish any of these projects....
Perhaps on this mantel that's in the bedroom?.....
That's it for today, I hope to be back with more news soon!



Blondie's Journal said...

Congrats on your win, Janet. I really wanted those!! I'm sure you will display them beautifully.

Love the pretty chair!

Happy Holidays!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh I love it and yes, always a work in progress, right? Your room is gorgeous already.

Congrats on your win, love them too, will look perfect at your cold place. Ha, just had to put that little brrr comment in... keep warm ~ layers!

sissie said...

Great win Janet!
Your home is looking pretty.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Janet... what beautiful candleholders you won... I love those!... yes, I remember your couch from your older post, and fell in love with it... your whites are all looking sooo dreamy... and that chair is too pretty!... stay warm if you can.... kisses to Murphy... xoxo Julie Marie

DEB said...

Janet...Oh those candlesticks are divine...congrats hon...they will look gorgeous anywhere in your beautiful home!! Doesn't look under remodel to me...simply lovely!
I feel for all ya'll in FL & the temps dipping so low...& the poor orange's! Bundle up..& drink hot tea or my chocolate:)
Deb:) xox

Elyse said...

janet, your home is simply swoonworthy! congrats on the great giveaway win. it really is cold in florida today! it's supposed to flurry here tonight.

thank you so much for your sweet and comforting words on my recent blog post. i'm so touched and so happy to know you.


NanaDiana said...

Janet- Congrats on winning. Everything looks wonderful. I saw on the news that you are very very cold there. We are used to it but it is unexpected in FL. Hope you stay warm. Hugs-Diana

Debby said...

Congrats on your win, Janet!!! Beautiful! Happy Holidays!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

CONGRATS on your win!

I just posted about an all-white room, too. It's not really my style - but I'm getting more and more into it!

love all your treasures! (I love button tufting, too)

Tutti Chic said...

Fufu friend~how lovely & congrats on your win! They are to-die-for~ as if you need any more beautiful things to adorn the fufu mansion!Happy Holidays to you & your beautiful family~xoxoxotutts

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi sweetie,
Just wanted to say Merry Christmas (one more time).

I know you're having loads of fun. I saw on Twitter, you have Pop Chips in your home, I just tried them a couple days ago and love them to bits... think I'll have to try all the flavors. Have fun w/Paris Daughter at home too, it's lovely she's there to visit!

Merry Christmas, dear Janet et family (Murphy included ;)

Cassandra said...

Just thought I would stop by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

What a lovely post! What inspiring photos!

Happy Holidays