Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Hundred Giveaway - Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors

Dear ladies,

I have been a BB (bad blogger!) and hope to have the time to visit my sweet blogging friends very soon....please forgive my absence. You see I have been doing soooo much traveling these last few weeks, really spinning my wheels around here and off flying to some destinations as well. Most of these trips have been work related to my website, but of course I try to sneak in some fun as well:-). So I do hope that you'all are well......some of you I talk to via email and via Twitter, and I love to hear from you and keep in touch!

I am TWO HUNDRED! No....although my birthday is next month, I am definitely NOT two hundred years old (tho' some mornings look & feel like it!), but this is blog post # 200 for me!! Hard to believe that I would find so much to share, and I do hope that you enjoy reading my posts. I started blogging a couple of years ago after my sweet friend Tara from Typing Out Loud (Blogging For Bliss ~ the BOOK) suggested it, as a way to connect with my Shabbyfufu customers. It clearly became much more than that for me. I thoroughly enjoy writing...always have, and wanted to not only connect...but to share and inspire. It's not a popularity contest for me, goodness....I am too old for that~lol~ I truly do blog for bliss! So......thank you for reading, for following (if you do) and I hope that you leave a comment every now and then so that I can connect with your blog as time permits.

A GIVEAWAY as mentioned in my previous post. I have my LAST signed copy of Rachel Ashwell's newest book "Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors" and will be giving it away, drawn randomly. Please leave a comment to be drawn, and if you post this giveaway on your blog leave another comment stating "BLOG" to be entered twice. If you can receive another entry, just TWEET this and link back to this blog, then leave another comment and let me know! Also.........some of my sweet customers read this blog but don't have a blog. If this is the case you can enter by using the CONTACT form on the website...let me know that you are entering for the Giveaway.

Whew....enough about that, I obviously don't have enough books for I am sharing some antique French artwork that I scanned from the La Mode Illustre books that I bought at the Flea Market when I was in Paris last year. on to enlarge and use in your artwork, they are lovely!

We have lots of lovely things coming to the website at Shabbyfufu....over the weekend. This is also why I have been M.I.A.....working in my Studio and working with the FABULOUS and very dear ladies who also sell on the website. Here are a few previews, I hope that you can visit soon!

Have a beautiful weekend, thank you, thank you for reading.....and good luck on the GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Would You Like? Help Please

Hi Ladies....I hope that you are having a good week. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that our prayers and our thoughts here in Miami go out to the people in Haiti. I feel very blessed to live in this diverse community, which does include a large population of Haitians and Haitian Americans who all seem to have family left behind in their nation. It's such a tragedy, and they are especially hard hit with not much to begin with in their lives besides each~other and their faith. We certainly can all do our part, no matter how large or small to help.

Now...I just wanted to mention that I spent a good part of yesterday and today updating the website with some new pieces. I have been out buying and I mentioned previously and I got to thinking~ what would YOU like to see on Shabbyfufu?? I have been in this business for many years now....certainly on the internet I think that I am a bit of a "pioneer" so to speak. Pretty much I buy what I love.....but what would YOU like to see?? Are you a fan of Romantic Cottage, French antiques, Victorian, tattered chic, farmhouse? Would you rather look at (and buy~lol!) items for the home or perhaps to adorn yourself? Do you like the artists items on the website, or.....???
I consider my decorating and thus my treasure hunting to be on the eclectic side and think that I have a pretty good eye for mixing it all up.....but sounding like a broken record~ what do YOU like? Would you rather buy lower priced reproduction items or real antiques and vintage? Please....leave me a comment, I would LOVE your thoughts and opinions. Thanking advance!

Guess what, this is my 199th blog post! You know what that means then.....a BIG GIVEAWAY on my next post. You will LOVE it and I admit, I have been holding out on you~ lol! Remember this post?

Well, I have another signed copy of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors to give to you that Rachel autographed when I met her. Now...this is on the NEXT post, so don't get too excited, but if you could help me out on this one I would appreciate it so much.

Leaving you today with a few photos of just a bit of what I posted on the website at Shabbyfufu today....

Lots of love from here,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here, There And Everywhere

Been travelin', there and everywhere~on a quest for the best for my website customers @ Shabbyfufu. I am home temporarily for a few days and then off just poppin' in here to say a quick hi. There are many orders waiting to be filled and shipped out, as well as the custom orders....SO...if you are waiting, most will be going out before we head back out again, not to worry. Time permitting I may add a few new (and yeah, vintage) items this week to the site. More next week....hopefully LOTS more, SO EXCITED to bring you these items!!!

The pic above....I got to be somewhere where it snowed!!! Daughter #2 asked me to make snow angels and send her a pic, but the snow was light~so silly me did this for her:-). Fun, fun.....loads of fun to be in the snow and cold! It's been COLD here in Miami too....bitterly so....32 degrees is too low for our tropical flora and fauna and we hope that it survives this blast.

That's it for today. I just noticed that I am close to my 200th post (this is # 198!) and will have a fabulous giveaway then.

I hope that you'all are well and staying warm~ will visit you and talk soon....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shabbyfufu Shop

Dear Shabbyfufu customers.....the shop is just a tad bit empty, but we do have some exquisite new lines coming in and I am going to be traveling over the next few weekends on a quest to bring even more to you. Thank you, love you'all and I will see you soon!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Wishes From Shabbyfufu & $100 Giveaway Winner

Our holidays in the "fufu household" were grand and I hope that yours were everything that you wanted them to be and more! As usual, Santa spoiled us all rotten.....what a guy (and a hunk as well:-)!

Quite unexpectedly he dropped this down the chimney for me (with great care I must add:-). I don't ever ask Santa for anything, so I never know what he will bring...but my computer is about six years old, has had many updates and fixes and sadly is now showing her age. Yayyy~ happy dance with this new laptop!

We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. These are our lovely daughters and their cute guys.

Murphy revels in having lots of people around, as long as they are paying lots of attention to him and bring treats!

We served lots of buffet style casual food over these last couple of weeks. That's mostly how the entertaining goes around our home, since the weather is so wonderful in Miami and we usually move the party outside.

A Miami tradition....stone crab claws to celebrate New Year's Eve! Have you ever had these TDF goodies? An interesting fact is that they are "kind harvested" food, as the fishermen break off one claw only and throw the crab back into the water. The crab regenerates a new claw and can do fine in the meanwhile until it grows back. So tasty, but we usually only do them on New Year's Eve.

The guy who makes it all possible around here and does not mind that people who run into us and know me from my business call him "Mr Fufu"!

So now the Holidays are just about over. We spent all day yesterday taking down the Holiday decor and packing it away. The kids are still here and will be leaving tomorrow, the "real tree" is on it's way to recycling as we speak and today is "cleaning up the leftovers day" in the fridge!

Resolutions? I don't usually make any goals that are too lofty at this point in life....but I do know that I want to take more time this year to learn new skills and become more proficient at some that I already do know. As always I hope to do my very small part in helping to make the world a better place. That being said.......

The winner chose by the Random Number Generator for the SO MANY BLESSINGS, SHABBYFUFU $100 GIVEAWAY is Maison Douce (Isabel), number 22 out of 87 entries. Congrats and I will contact you soon...........and be back soon with ANOTHER GIVEAWAY and some freebie images for you too!

Until next time...Happy New Year and lots of love from here~
xoxo~ Janet

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