Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let There Be Light, Shabbyfufu Light That Is

Dear readers,

I was going through some old photos of a sprinkling of my creations this evening and thought that it might be fun to do a little series consisting of a few posts for those who might be new to my Shabbyfufu world.

These are just a few of literally hundreds of lights that I have made over the years with a teacup theme. Yes...HUNDREDS, that's a lot of light, enough to light up a whole state~maybe country~lol!! They have been sent all over the world from Australia to France, to South Korea and more. Proud of that here we are, yes indeedy:-). Some of these pieces date back to around 2001...that's a longggg time, sheesh! Haven't been doing much of this lately, maybe will do some more teacup chandeliers in the near future.......I do suddenly feel the itch!

Will do another post soon of some of my other creating Shabbyfufu land (wink*wink*)

Have a wonderful week~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shabbyfufu Stuff & Anthropologie Gift Card Winner

Hello sweet friends, dear readers and appreciated followers both new and old! Well is my birthday, and drats....I have a sudden nasty cold. I do have some special plans today, will see how I feel after loading up on Dayquill.

So this week I have been busy in my studio with some special orders, which is a good thing since it's been cloudy and raining and photo shooting was out of the question and put on hold.

Working on a Shabbyfufu romantic roses dress form for a sweet and special lady in the deep south. I'll post more photos of the actual dress form when it's finished

Special order ruffled bed lamp for a lovely customer in Texas who loves pink & roses

And our website mosaic artist Suze just finished this special order tissue box cover~sweet:-)

As mentioned, our days have been too gloomy for photo shoots.....but next week I have lots of FABU pieces coming to the Shabbyfufu shop....mostly to our French Market & Chic Vintage Boutiques

Have you received your copy of Porch Magazine yet? Which by the way......

......I am happy to have participated in (thanks Tracie & Polly) and you can find my photos on pages 14~17. Lots of eye candy in this issue!

I used this Random Number Generator to select a number for the winner of the Anthro $50 Gift Card Giveaway in celebration of my birthday today....for YOU! There were 57 comments and 8 Tweets (before I closed the contest, keep getting new tweeps it seems though!) for a total of 65 entries. The number selected was # 30, which was Elyse of Please contact me Elyse using the Contact form of my website (I don't want to print my email addy here due to too much freakin' spam!) and I will send that along to you. Congrats! I'll have another giveaway soon peeps, I know how much you love them:-)

Have a great day and upcoming weekend!
By the way....the SUN IS OUT here, YAY!!
xoxo ~ Janet

P.S......Thank you to my dear blogging buddies who sent me birthday cards~you guys rock!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days Of Grey

I woke up to rain today. It's been very difficult to capture good photos these last few weeks. For the most part the skies (even here down in normally sunny Miami) have been quite grey. The grey (gray) skies make me long for France once again, where these type of skies are more the norm.

It's that wanderlust time of year, when Spring trips are often planned. Go or no? Europe is quite expensive, VERY expensive. In terms of shopping there are no bargains to be found anymore, even at the fleas. The dollar is weak, we all know that. We are all being frugal, I know that!

Over there I feel so at home...especially in the City Of Light where summers of my youth had been spent with ma famille francaise. I never ever get tired of going, who would....however ~this year, not sure just yet, will see. Thinking, thinking, realist or dreamer?
Que sera, sera...

Last year under the grey, gray skies

Practical necessities dictate. We are spending a good chunk of change on this;

A new roof

It had to be done

We are officially dried in, and yes....for the minute or so that I shot this photo ~ the sun WAS out!

They should be starting to install the new roof tiles sometime this week. The color is called French grey, mais bien sur!

Next comes all new windows. Ka ching, ka ching

So while I determine what our budget will allow and dream of France once are some photos to share with you that I shot on this GREY DAY.

Grey decor inspiration~Grey/ do YOU like to spell it?

A couple of my favorite books on French decor

Large French style zinc crown. You can find these available HERE

Some of my vintage trophy collection

Macro shot melange

Some of my furniture that has been painted grey over the years, mostly by me. I use a multi layering dry brush technique

Mirror LOVE, recently acquired

As much as I love neutrals, for me a bit of color is necessary to brighten up my world. Not too over the top, I prefer subdued. Since we DO live in Miami, orchids are everywhere and at great prices. It's important to add your own touch and flair in mixing it up! Vintage clocks all in non working order, collected over the years. See the silhouette? Our daughters when they were kiddoes.

I wear so much grey! Since my birthday is coming up Thursday.....I treated myself to this shirt on Saturday at Anthropologie. Speaking of...................

It's not too late to enter my ANTHRO GIVEAWAY for the $50 GIFT CARD. Just leave a comment on the PREVIOUS POST mentioning why you come to visit my blog. You can comment here as well if you have enjoyed this post, but the winner will be drawn from the previous post on my birthday, FEB 25th. My birthday gift to YOU!

Love from here to all......I hope that you have an inspiring week!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's My Party ~ Anthro Giveaway At Shabbyfufu!

It's my a week that is. You see, a week from today is my birthday, and the celebrating around here starts this weekend and will last until the end of the month! Why not? If I want to eat cupcakes I WILL.
Image by Gail McCormack

Maybe I will do a little shopping. I almost always do on my Birthday, it's a tradition! Come with me......I know that it's one of your favorite places to shop too! Would you like to win an..... Anthropologie Gift Card? For FIFTY dollars! That's a silly question, you KNOW that you would!

Just leave me a comment and tell me why you like to visit the BLOG at Shabbyfufu. Want two chances? Become a NEW FOLLOWER. Want three chances? Post this on YOUR Blog with a link back here and let me know in another comment stating simply BLOG. Want four chances....Tweet this on Twitter! Fifty Dollars at Anthropologie...what could be finer?

I'll post the winner on my birthday.....oh yes, it's on Feb 25th.


NOTE: This post is now closed for comments, since I am taking the day off on my b'day so will choose a winner tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the lovely comments left, you have made me SMILE!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anticipation And Chaos Reign

Seriously you can't even move in should see this place right now!

I am trying to work on the back end of the website. I have been itching to work on taking product photos. Let's just say that it's been a bit crazy around my house though lately. Daughters have been coming and going. Younger sweetness (the one who models when necessary for the website) was here for a couple of days before she went out of town. Now older sweetness daughter has been here, as they had a big wedding (no, not hers) event in town. All of this chaos.....but what has really made things nuts is that we are
in the middle of getting a NEW ROOF! The crews have been banging and pounding to take off the old concrete tiles. I have a headache, daily ~uggh! On their agenda today will be the stinky tar pot...a nauseating smell that you might recognize as that roadwork odor. We are going with a French Grey tile roof....I'll show you when it's done.

Shopping the markets, both antique and new....lots on the way to Shabbyfufu, THIS WEEK ~ I PROMISE!

All new in Chic Vintage...some Romantic & Pretty, some Chippy & Rusty

The Garden Beauty Boutique Set For It's Gala Opening At Shabbyfufu

Here comes the bunny parade! Sweet Spring Boutique to open for the year as well

Le French Market ~ le FABULOUS coming this week!

And speaking of le fabulous....I had been invited to participate and send some photos to this magazine, that looks yummy and dreamy and is now available. I haven't received my copy of PORCH just yet, but you can purchase your own copy by clicking on the photo below. Wouldn't you just die for that chandelier? Nope, unfortunately it's NOT mine!

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired week my friends!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruffles & Rust

Like many of you I can be such a girly girl at times, but as much as I do love RUFFLES, I also love RUST. Yes...all things rusty, chippy, peely and in their natural state of decay have been something that I have been enamored with and have used in my decor for decades. Before it was trendy and fashionable I shopped the thrifts and fleas (probably like many reading this:-), as a college student with an apt to decorate and no money and then into my young days as a wife and Mom when we set up our first house. Necessity grew into passion, and much of what I have collected I love and would not tinker with, paint or change....preferring just how it was found!

Ruffles....yes, LOVE old textiles and one of the first things that I started collecting years back.

Bad picture, but my wardrobe has been an obsession of grey ruffles this winter! My favorite ruffled grey shrug.

As for the RUSTY, CHIPPY

I love most of my Vintage in it's natural state and would NEVER paint it!

This is my Vintage Millinery filled cabinet hanging in my Studio. Did I mention that I am deep in the throes of a Studio redo?

Ruffles on a window in my new Studio, an old petticoat

This thrift store chair will be my new desk chair I think. I may be forced to do a slipcover, as the fabric is white silk

They say that AQUA will be the new HOT color for Spring. Oh lucky me! You see, since I live in Miami and the color seems to be a natural here....I have lots of it scattered about the ol' homestead

A small aqua wrought iron table that sits outside. Patina LOVE

Maybe you have seen this in some of my product photo shoots for the Shabbyfufu website? It's a rocker. How could one ever duplicate this timeworn look on something new I ask

Years ago I came across this chippy old table at an Estate sale and painted some pink roses on it. Wouldn't touch that chippy seafoam paint though

Footstool in the family room. Go ahead...take a seat, put your feet up....who cares?!

The stool above sits in front of this Antique wicker chair. Here is a prime example of how Ruffles can really fufu up and juxtapose Chippy

Although my home has been featured several times in both Romantic Country Magazine and Romantic Homes magazine, you won't EVER see the family room shown. Know why? The "BIG ass" leather sofa and man t.v. that Mr Fufu just had to have. Fortunately he doesn't mind my chippy take added around though, like this Victorian Roses yardlong painting that we framed in this old Aqua'ish beadboard

Yeppers....more AQUA. Cabinet (we used to make and sell lots of these, not so much anymore) with old beadboard

Hat Rack that we made from a great old piece of old CHIPPY wood

Although my family doesn't mind MOST of my Rusty ol' chippy stuff, some things creep them out.

Like these

I bought this years ago from my girlfriend Cindy. The LONGEST bench that I have ever seen. Why anyone would want to paint this....certainly not ME.


Just found this great old RUSTY Hendryx birdcage on a Buying Trip. LOVE it, but will be putting it (and some other great things:-) up for sale on the WEBSITE probably late in the week or on the weekend.

What do YOU think of RUST? Do you have some things around that you would never paint? I'll bet that you do!

We just got a big delivery here so I need to go and see what goodies have arrived for the Shoppe. Have a great week!

Lots of LOVE from here,