Monday, March 29, 2010

Romantic Homes Magazine

Happy Monday to you! Just getting back to reality after spending a few days over on beautiful Sanibel Island over on the West Coast of Florida. Mr. Fufu's Dad lives on the beach over there and we got together with family for a visit. A gorgeous island that is known as the "shelling capital of the world". Soooo many people there right now, but we were able to relax, unwind and enjoy one day of fabulous beach weather......

Definitely the star of the show this weekend was this guy named Toby. Isn't he adorable (albeit a bit dirty from the beach)!!

Back to the real world this week, lots of packing and shipping and making up custom orders.
GRATEFUL to my customers:-)

Grateful for this too....ALWAYS grateful for press over the years.

Thank you to ROMANTIC HOMES Magazine for selecting SHABBYFUFU as a Favorite Shop!

Back to the real world of paperwork (yuck). BTW, several of you asked about MY CAMERA that's for sale and to be honest I haven't had a chance to do anything else about it, and I WILL email you the details today.

Have a beautiful week and blessed Holidays!

Talk soon~
xoxo~ Janet

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out With The Old & Canon Rebel XTi Camera For Sale

Hello my blog friends....I hope that you are having a good week so far and are all set to enjoy the first full weekend of SPRING!

I mentioned in a previous post that we are spending what seems like a king's ransom doing some much needed updates to our home. We have lived in this house for twenty years, hard to imagine.....raised our kids here for the most part and LOVE this place!

Not doing much inside at the moment, but outside needs some fixes. The costliest fix is the new roof. We REALLY have needed to do this for sometime.....too many leaks and far too many bandaid patches by a crappy roofing company, I won't go into that.

We have a ranch style home, meaning everything is on one level.....we DON'T live on a ranch! Four bedrooms, three and a half baths, living, dining, family room...a good size home for our family and enjoyable for these now "empty nesters". We went from this white tile roof:

To what they call "French Grey" tiles. Depending on the time of day and where the sun can look like a slate grey to close to black. Mr. practical Fufu knows his stuff and said that it will not be any hotter having a dark roof come the Florida summer...I have complete faith.

You would think that since I am in the business of letting old things go as an antique dealer that I wouldn't mind the next update to come to our home.......BUT I am having a hard time thinking about losing these:

Yup, the two large sets of "ten light" French doors will be history in a few weeks.....oh boo! I LOVE them, but the reality is that we do live in a hurricane alley down here, and Mr. practical Fufu is trying to shore things up. He ordered new French doors without the mullions....solid glass that is impact resistant and should at least be safer, leakproof and quiet. We already have two sets of those on the back of the house, so now it will look a bit more consistent.

These doors with the jalousie windows are original to this house built in the sixties and will be history soon too. Love 'em, but they don't work well any longer and need to go. Buh bye!

New windows coming too....same deal, no mullions:-(
I'll take some pics after the fact.

A couple of things that I DON'T have a hard time letting go of. I am selling my trusty 2 1/2 yr old Canon EOS Rebel XTI. I have a couple of different cameras....both Canon, and am upgrading at this time. If you are me at Condition is excellent (it's silver toned..can email you pics), well cared for...never dropped or banged. I have the Original Box, and it will come with the 18~55 lens, high performance memory card, extra battery pack and strap. You can see on my receipt that I paid $795.14 and my price will be very fair, just email me.


Winner of the Salt N' Pepper Doll drawn by is #16 Julie of this blog: Congrats Julie, I'll contact you and off she goes!

So that's it for today....I really need to get back to working on the website! Speaking of.....if you are a Shabbyfufu customer, please do check in at the WEBSITE tomorrow (THURSDAY) for more of the dolls, vintage finds, my Original teacup lighting, a couple of SWOON WORTHY Romantic Dressforms and more. Yup...I've been working hard!

Lots of love from here,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Snippets From Shabbyfufu

Happy Birthday to my Mr. Honey (Mr Fufu:-) who is the greatest guy around and just as darned cute as he was back then:-)

You are the BEST husband and Dad unsurpassed, and we BOTH have to get over these darned colds that have been dragging on for that we can get together with our darling girls and their guys this coming weekend to celebrate your B'day. We all can't wait to shower you with lots of the attention that you deserve!

So for now I'm trying to work in my Studio and then get some pictures taken of product....despite the rain today, trying to persevere.

Studio snippets as I work away.

There's still time to enter to the drawing for one of my Salt N' Peeps dolls if you haven't done so yet......leave a comment.

Have a beautiful and inspirational week and come on over to the site at SHABBYFUFU later this week to see what I have been working on!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Basically This Week, A Shabbyfufu Altered Doll Giveaway!

When I start getting the emails of "where have you been", it must be time to come out of hiding.

Actually this week I have been basically laying low, trying to get over another nasty cold with no voice at the don't call me~lol! I don't get sick very often, so I'm not sure why I have had two colds in the last month, sheesh!

Anyway, starting to come around and have been busy packing orders and playing catch~up. Ummm, thanks to the Shabbyfufu customers who have been so patient, much appreciated!

Other than that, I am working on a "special assignment" and then this weekend I HOPE to get into the studio to work on some things the customers have been emailing me about......including some of my Altered Dolls. Specifically I plan on making some of my original "Salt N' Peeps" that I've done for awhile now and usually go pretty quickly. Fun to do, and collect!

Would you like one??? I am having a GIVEAWAY on my blog, if you'd like a chance. They won't be exactly the same as the ones below, as they are always OOAK........but for a chance:

1. Leave a comment
2. Post it on your Blog for TWO chances
3. Follow me for another chance
4. Tweet this for yet ANOTHER chance!

Speaking of following....I had some down time while laptoping in bed the other day to finally try and follow some of the bloggers who are so very kind as to follow my blog. I don't really know what I am doing with following.......SO, if you are following me and I'm not following you.......LET ME KNOW!

Okay, now off to rest up so I bid you adieu for the evening. Winner will be drawn at random....good luck!
xoxo~ Janet

Some previously sold pieces........

Shabbyfufu Salt N' Peeps!

Shabbyfufu Bottle Dolls

More Shabbyfufu Bottle Dolls

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love Note, Not Needed

Well, well.......I don't think that I am going to need this dog eared LOVE NOTE any longer that I have been leaving out for Mr. Fufu as a gentle reminder of what a cold weather wimp this Miami girl is!
It's actually pretty toasty now (a/c back on!), so I am thinking about all of the good things that come in these warmer months and can't wait!

Like MANGOS (trees are in bloom here right now), and this week I baked some of my extremely delish Mango Bread. With all of my blog posts on decorating,
crafting, traveling and Mango Bread recipe continues to be one of the most requested! I think that you will find a link to it below...., but if not:

Looking forward to perhaps chillaxing a bit more around the pool.....although it's not heated and as aforementioned I am a "total cold temperature wimp" and won't go in until maybe July!
Last year we put in what the family named "the chill zone" on a little corner of our patio. We had to be practical and it's not really my vintage romantic style.....but in So. Fla we have a MAJOR problem with mildew (hey, it's not So. Cal!) and mosquitoes, so.....set from Home Depot and cabana from Target.

Our tropical wildlife is beginning to come back and look for the food that's starting to the several Macaws who roam the neighborhood eating coconuts and drinking the sweet milk.

We have wild peacocks too....will see if I can get some photos soo
n for another post. They are roaming around making loads of noise and mating right now. Stunning creatures, but like most wild birds are extremely LOUD!

Looking forward to beautiful sunsets. This one is unretouched and is from our yard. Doesn't the sky look like it's on fire with beauty?!

Looking forward to long weekends at the beach. I am still working on Mr Fufu to get rid of that HONKIN' BIG TV or at least mount it to the wall!! In this decorating war of "I love junk & he does not", I think I have been making progress....YES!

We never take a day here for granted

Or a sunrise

We enjoy our walks and bike rides at the beach or off in the trails. Bought my blue bike on~line a couple years ago and although I can't remember where, it was an inexpensive purchase!
Of course, living in paradise sometimes comes with a price and we have had several severe hurricanes over the years. Bite my tongue.......praying for NONE this year!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blissful Bird Basket Tutorial For Spring

Dear friends.....I thought that I would post this tutorial for you again, for those who may be new to reading my blog. I am a former art teacher and so it's always fun to have a chance to share tutorials and have them published. This is a piece that I wrote a couple of years ago as a contributor to ROMANTIC HOMES MAGAZINE. They are inexpensive to make and certainly easily adaptable to your own style.

If time permits I may make a few more for the WEBSITE with some new Bird images that I have.

SOON, I hope.......still busy packing and shipping, packing and shipping, packing and shipping around here.


These Blissful Bird Baskets have been crafted from simple peat pots and make for a festive table accent when grouped together. Fill with candies and let your guests take them home as party favors. Wrap in cellophane and tie with pretty ribbons: they make sweet and inexpensive gifts for any occasion!

3” square peat pots

White primer spray or brush paint, or gesso medium

Pale acrylic craft paint

Decoupage glue and sealer

Hole punch

Bird images

Wired tinsel

Seam binding or lightweight pastel ribbon

Paper flowers

Paper shred to fill baskets

Hot glue


1. Begin by priming both the inside and outside of the peat pot with your choice of primer paint or white gesso. For our project we used white spray primer, but any primer will do. You can give your peat pot a second coat if desired with a pale toned acrylic paint. We chose a pale pink for our baskets.

2. Once the paint is dry, cut out two holes on opposite sides of your basket about ½” down with the hole puncher. These will be where you wrap your tinsel for the basket handles, so try and keep them evenly spaced.

3. Cut out a bird image to fit the front of your basket and adhere with decoupage glue. Be sure to press out any air bubbles with your fingers. Once dry, seal the image with the same clear glue. You may wish to give the image a second coat if necessary.

4. Hot glue paper flowers on both sides of the basket. We layered our flowers for dimension.

5. Cut an 8” piece of wired tinsel for the handle. Insert the tinsel from the outside of the basket to the inside and tie or wrap a knot on the inside to hold the handle in place. A dab of hot glue over the knot will keep the handle from pulling out.

6. Fashion bows with seam binding or other lightweight ribbon on the handle at the top. For a festive look feel free to embellish with small butterflies, buttons or other pieces from your craft stash.

7. Fill your basket with pretty paper shred and add your assortment of scrumptious candy treats.

Thank you to Gail McCormack for her images. Project for personal use only.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shhhh, it's a secret!

Shhhh, it's a secret!

This little guy told me that Spring is on the way!

Since we are way down south here in Miami it starts early.

The birds have started to come out singing for their potential mates and the bees are gathering this one that I shot in our yard that has flowers already in bloom.

I will be holed up here mostly in my Shabbyfufu Studio this week, working on some custom orders. Just itching to work on some new ideas that have been tucked away in the brain's recesses...but for now they will have to wait.

This romantic dress form was just finished up and is ready to go out to one of my super sweet customers today.

I hope that she loves it.

Lots of packing and shipping.

I am so very grateful.

About now I really can use a personal assistant.

If you hear of anyone in Miami looking for a job let me know!

Waiting for this guy to knock on the door and then out for a walk. It's a beautiful SPRING DAY!

Oodles of love from here, will catch you again later in the week~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shabbyfufu Shoppe LOVE~ New Items

There are many new items in the Shabbyfufu shoppe ladies, so if you want to see....just click on this little mosaic that I made below to go straight there!
That's it for now my friends. I am going to busy over the next few days in my Studio working on quite a few custom orders (and thankfully lots of packing & shipping:-) will talk to you soon. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let There Be Romantic Dress Forms, At Shabbyfufu

Dear friends.....I hope that you are having a wonderful week! Finally I am starting to feel a bit more human after this dreadful head cold came along to spoil my birthday last week. Well a few days of feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton and now I'm just about back up to snuff!

So continuing along my posts of some of my signature creations are the romantic dress forms that I have been creating for many years. Those who have followed my website shop at Shabbyfufu are probably tired of hearing about but to those new readers and followers, here are just a handful and I hope that you enjoy this little "fashion show" of sorts.

Again, I have made hundreds and I am NOT KIDDING! Lots of long days and nights of working, tired eyes, dull needles and burned fingers. Maybe it's why I wear glasses, who knows.

I am a dummy and really should have started to keep a rolling count and keep all of the old photos over the many years.......but alas have not. I do remember them all though and pretty much where they went, and I have a pretty good feel for the fact that it's been somewhere between around 250 to 300. Pretty sure of that!!

There was no one else doing these when I started, first with the standing French style forms and then a few years after I started embellishing the hanging dressforms. My ORIGINAL concept (please be respectful of that and of other artist's work) and idea....right here from my studio in Shabbyfufu land:-).

Published in Romantic Country Magazine several years ago (pre Fifi days)

Early form with an antique French Limoges tea cup head...made lots and lots of these!

I always enjoy incorporating a variety of embellishments, including vintage and antique fabrics and trims, vintage millinery, bits of old jewels and my own hand turned ribbon roses

And always Fufu for sure!

One of my many hanging dress forms created here in the Shabbyfufu Studio

Snow Queen!
Victorian style. Often these barkcloth dress forms are custom orders for clients

A pair of forms that I was working on a few years ago inspired by more of a fancy cowgirl type of theme

This one was for a customer's child. A little girl dress form with cherubs and roses. What could be more darling for a princess' room!

Another hanging dressform

Pretty in pink, once again!

Custom form with pinks & blues

Early child's dress form for a client made to specs, maybe 10 years ago?

Some early forms covered in layers of antique bridal lace. I have done many bridal dress forms over the years, some more Fufu than others.

Pink is the most requested and an ongoing theme!

Pink overload~whoa!
Well that's all that I have time to show you tonight. I would love to make the dress form of your dreams for you or for your special daughter don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested!

Right now I must get back to work getting caught up on my website listings for THURSDAY. I have a slideshow on SHABBYFUFU showing some of the new items coming, so pop on over for a visit if you can! You can click HERE to visit~

I hope to visit my blog friends this weekend, and I truly do appreciate your comments, friendship and you reading my ramblings!