April 26, 2010

Romantic Homes Magazine Tutorial

A fun and easy Mother's Day Tutorial is the theme of this post, and one that was published last year in Romantic Home's Magazine for you. Taking the old and making something new and creative to gift is something that I know many of you love to do.......so here is a bit of Monday inspiration for you to create into your own fabulous project for dear Mother!
A Mother's Day Tutorial on creating a frame to insert perhaps an old photo of you and dear Mother into. NO...the photo in my frame is NOT me and Mom, it's just some clip art that I had, and that works too! Enlarge the photo for instructions, easy peasy as pie.......

April 21, 2010

Sewing - New Toys

Pillows that I've created and sold, from the shop...

I had received these two sewing toys for Christmas (as in...Christmas 2009!) and I simply have not had time to even open the boxes until THIS WEEK! It's a good thing that they work and there are no missing parts...I know, idiotic move on my part...right?

In any event, YES....I do sew sometimes, just thought that I would let you know. In fact I made most of my girl's cute little outfits when they were small. I also had a thriving line of clothing back in the early '90's with my business Pour It On Productions. That's another story......for another day! Suffice to say that I have had the same sewing machine for the last 30 years. These newbies were a NEED, not a want!

I have been enjoying getting to know my new sewing machine and serger for the last week, yesseree! Jill of all trades, master of none it seems sometimes.

A pretty plethora of pillows coming to my SHABBYFUFU website probably late on Thursday. I have made these Vintage Barkcloth and Antique French Lace Pillows for a number of years now. Maybe you remember that they were published some years back in Romantic Homes magazine. BTW....we sold tons back then at that price on the WEBSITE, but the economy being the way that it is the price will 1/3 of the Old Price:-). Spring seems the perfect time to fluff up with some pretty pillows ~ if you are looking, please come visit!

By the way.....speaking of pretty, I had some comments and emails about the big Dining Room redo and NOPE, I won't be getting rid of everything pretty......just going to put away more and display less at a time. LESS DUSTING and more relaxing, since I work with PRETTY every single day!

More pretty things coming to the website this week...

April 14, 2010

White Decorating Is Timeless

Hi friends...I hope that you are doing well. It seems so trendy right now. Every shop from Marshalls to Restoration Hardware has the Burlap look....Pillows with French text etc, and it's becoming overwhelming! A trend alas.......I have seen many come and go over my years in design and this one too shall pass.

One timeless trend seems to be decorating in white. I have my own little White House here and have favored white decor since I had my very first apt in my senior year of college! Furniture has always been painted white and/or upholstered white wherever I have lived.......and then depending on season accessories are changed out. It's so easy to move things from room to room and accessorize and edit this way. Mr Fufu is a true less is more guy......and he was in favor BIG TIME of this redo.

We decided to move the china cabinet in the dining room into a little corner of the large living room, corner bookcase into a spare bedroom and take everything off the walls. I had this BIG A_S mirror that I recently acquired and repainted it white over the original very dark grey and gilt finish. It's now the centerpiece of the room behind my favorite vintage beaded chandelier. A vintage French caned sofa table now holds just a few accent pieces that can be easily changed out. Our dining table is glass.....which I love because it allows the swimming pool to reflect and be seen in the late afternoon sun. Chairs.....not super crazy about them, but until I find the right ones I plan on doing some new slips soon.

Less is more sometimes

From this

Via ~ Dan Mayers

To this

April 6, 2010

Country Living Magazine

About a year ago I received a phone call and then a letter from a fashion stylist at Country Living Magazine.
I don't know exactly how they found me, but I about fell over....as I had never worked with them before!
I don't seek out publicity....thankfully, gratefully, luckily it seems to find me:-).

They had seen my work on the Romantic Dress Forms that I do and asked if I could submit some "Statement Necklaces" for consideration in a future issue.
They made it very specific....no bling, no actual jewels or embellishments other than fabric roses and millinery~ like my Shabbyfufu Dressforms.

To be honest I had never made any of them before....but I had seen them in Anthropologie and at the time a scant few on Etsy. In my day I definitely HAVE made jewelry though....and in the years that I used to do Art Shows I sold quite a bit of it.

To the drawing board I went and made some samples for their perusal. As it turned out they did not use my pieces......opting instead for lower priced statement necklaces in the February issue, sourced from Etsy and some of the "made in China" big box store pieces. Oh well..........not a bad thing, as I decided to add samples to my website inventory and they have become a Best Seller.

Serendipity...I'll have more designs to come in the near future...