October 28, 2010

Some Things Coming And Off To Paris

Dear friends.....this is going to be my last post before I leave for Paris next week as I have so much to do and have done absolutely diddly, squat, nada, nothing to get ready yet. Shame on me, such a slacker!

I don't know if I will have a chance to blog when in Paris, but I will be taking my iPhone along, so hopefully I'll be able to post some photos on my Twitter (shabbyfufu on Twitter too, what else!?!).

I plan on bringing some special things back with me and will have a GIVEAWAY of some sort of Paris treasure....so check back in later and for photos too.
I'll be back with you mid November after I've thawed out a bit from the weather that looks pretty cold to this Miami girl....

Before I sign off please indulge me in sharing some pretty things that are going to be in the shop on the web at Shabbyfufu.com, hopefully tomorrow.....

A bientot!

October 27, 2010

Guest Blogger Post....Tracie of My Petite Maison

Hello friends both near and far. I have been busy trying to get orders shipped out, work on the new items for the Holidays to come to the website and trying to get organized with leaving for my trip to France next week.

Since I am so busy my dear friend Tracie of My Petite Maison is hosting over here today, so I am going to turn you over to her. You will really enjoy the beautiful photos of her French inspired home and garden! If you don't know Tracie be sure to pop over and say hi to her HERE...

First, I want to thank you, Janet for so graciously inviting me to come visit your beautiful blog. 

My name is Tracie and have a little blog and store called My Petite Maison. I'm a native Californian and am very fortunate to call Wine Country, California my home. We live in a tiny, whimsical town where it's not uncommon to see people walking their dogs in their pajamas very early in the morning or see our neighborhood troubadour making her rounds singing old Beatles tunes on the weekend. I am an animal person, through and through. Our maison is home to one big French dog and two adopted cats. 

I am a huge homebody, as is my husband. We love to spend time in our cozy home with an occasional trip to Europe. I am currently chatting with my husband about visiting Scandinavia. I absolutely love meeting new people and new cultures too. In my experience, the friendlier you are when visiting any where, people are so friendly back to you too. About France: I am addicted to all things French and collect pieces from that country as well as carry them in my petite store. 

I do all I can to make our home and garden cozy and romantic too. Our house is never without some kind of flower arrangement and I enjoy to give it little touches of beauty, little vignettes all around to please the eye.
Lately, I've been taking many photos of our home in twilight with our bistro lights on and lamps dimmed a bit in the house. I hope you enjoy this little tour of our house and will come visit us on our blog. 

Thanks so much, Janet for inviting me over to your Shabbyfufu home. I truly believe beauty lives with you and your home from the bottom of my French loving heart.

I'll be back soon to show you some of the things that I've been working on.....

October 22, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....Say Whaaa?

Christmas! Yes, I know that it's still in the 80+ degree mark here in Miami....but I've been working in my studio on a bit of Holiday for my Shabbyfufu shop. Actually I am behind where I would normally be with that at this time of year but have been busy with other projects and since I'm counting down the days until I leave for France it was time to get my act together.

The Holiday Shop at Shabbyfufu will open....hopefully on or about November 1st.

Original Bottle Angels at Shabbyfufu Once Again This Year

Love to you all and enjoy your weekend~

October 20, 2010

French Decorating Books 101

Bonjour mes amis.

Oui, oui....I need to keep practicing my French, as in 2 weeks I'll be off to see Paris daughter (as she is affectionately becoming known lately:-). Isn't she a cutie....and is fitting in very nicely and enjoying her temporary job in Paris as well as the lifestyle.

I thought that today I would share a few of the favorite books in my collection that are dedicated to French decorating. You can certainly find most of these on Amazon.com and for a good deal if you look for used books.

This is a new book and je l'adore! From designer Carolyn Westbrook whose style I've loved for years. She features photos from her own home that showcases loads of white and her collections from her travels in France, as well as several other gorgeous maisons.

Another book to consider adding to your collection is from Claudia Strasser, who I had the pleasure of meeting briefly a couple of years ago. The Paris Apartment is all about "romantic decor on a flea market budget".

French Home by Josephine Ryan is chocked full of amazing vignettes and decor that truly captures the essence of French style from food to fixtures to flea market pieces.

The French Inspired Home by Kaari Meng (of the French General) shows the more rustic side of French decor and some projects that are easy to do for a bit of that French flair.

And lastly I have two books for your consideration that are both from designer Betty Lou Phillips which both bring you lavish photography and a peek into the more traditional side of French decor.

Some books that you definitely won't be able to find on Amazon are these three books that I found last year at one of the Paris flea markets and have so enjoyed that I don't know if I can bare to ever part with! They are bound leather complete collections of authentic late 1800's to early 1900's of La Mode Illustre, that are all about French fashion and life of that era in time. Fascinating!

I need to get back into my studio, so for today je vous dis adieu. Working on finishing up some ruffled totes and need to get my fufu cap on!


P.S.....I would like to welcome my new sponsors (more on them later:-). If you have a moment, please go over and visit Trisha of A Vintage White and Roberta of Enchanted Treasures. The sponsor buttons are on my sidebar and I have a couple of spots still available......I would love to have you here!