January 9, 2011

Christie Repasy Giveaway Winner

Hello to all and thank you for stopping by for a visit. I'm just back from a weekend at our beach home and shopping for antiques for the website...so it was not ALL play, some work too:-)

Great things coming....I need to style and photograph over the next couple of days!

I was so pleased to read each and every one of your lovely comments on my previous post that featured the interview with the enormously talented and very gracious Christie Repasy. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the interview and will announce the winner of the giveaway below, so read on! 

Additionally....I hope to get to meet all of you on "your own turf" (blog turf that is) very soon, but please excuse me if takes a short while. It seems as my time is eaten up by my business at Shabbyfufu (my website) and it's a very busy one! By the way....Happy Anniversary to Shabbyfufu (yep...some horn tootin' here:-)...we've recently celebrated our 12th year as an on~line shop.

So for those who are new readers here.....

This is my little studio where I do my creating and work away on my laptop daily. It's very girly....the one room where I can really let my feminine side blissfully show.

I also thought that I would share with you some of my favorite pieces that I'd worked on in 2010, either as custom orders or sold directly on the website. 

I hope that you enjoy getting to know just a teensy bit of my work:-). 

A plethora of......romantic tea cup chandelier art pieces and lamp shades.....

A sprinkling of......romantic dress forms that I have been creating for many years using gobs of vintage textiles, millinery and forming my own hand sewn roses....

Just a slice....pretty rose petal cakes and cupcakes....

Simply a bit of....bottle dolls and sweet angels....

That's all I have time to share today, and you probably want to see if you won anyway!....

The winner of the Christie Repasy giveaway drawn a few minutes ago by a random number generator is:

Deb...who does not have a blog, but is a Twitter follower of mine. Congrats Deb....wow, I'm so happy that you won!

I'll be back with another post soon. I have a wonderful giveaway coming from a company that I've been invited to work on a little something with.....so stay tuned for that. 
Lots of love from here....


  1. Hi Janet, congratulations to Deb!... lucky lady!... and congratulations to YOU! for twelve wonderful years of Shabbyfufu... I am happy to say I met you at Shabbyfufu your shop some years ago and instantly became one of your customers, I so love everything you create!!! Then I found your blog before I even had one of my own... I always love to visit here and see all of your one of a kind, original creations... your dress forms are so exquisite... my dream is to own one... someday... xoxo Julie Marie PS Kisses Murphy!!!

  2. Oh so beautiful are all of your creations. I am almost speechless. Soft and frilly and feminine and WOW!!!

  3. Love ALL your pretties, wow. Those dressforms are awesome and your lamps are some of the prettiest I have seen.

    Hugs from Marian.


  4. Congrats to the winner, lucky girl.

    I love all of the beautiful things that you create and each and everyone is a work of art and so lovely.


  5. Hi Janet, I love all of your creations. I wish I had time to create more. I love your teacup creations! I am a tea person. Congratulations on 12 years. I am a follower now and can't wait to see more of your creations. Have a great day.

  6. Congrats to Deb...and, wow, what a beautiful place to work, Janet! It's great to have a window close at hand. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy anniversary, too, on your shop being open for 12 years. That's great! ; )

  7. Hi Janet, Thank you again for doing the interview with me along with the give away. What a generous Lady you are,and a big congratulations to Deb! Your website and blog are filled with such beautiful creations and I wish you even more success in the next 12 years, XO Christie

  8. Hi Ms. Janet...WOW!! What a thrill to win this generous & wonderful give a way!!! I mean that from my heart hon! LOVE Ms. Christie's work & have for a long time..such an amazing talent...I am honored!
    CONGRATS to you sweet lady for 12 amazing years! Your very talented & I am so happy to have some of your work in my home:)
    Your kindness & talent blows me away,,I'll try not to get tooo sappy here...I am overwhelmed at everyones kindness..my DH brother just passed away..after a long illness...so its been a hard couple of days...but my twitter friends have been so kind...brings tears to my eyes! There is so much GOOD out there & in blogland..I Love you all & thank you for your kind comments & prayers:)
    Deb:) xoxoxox

  9. Congrats to Deb!!! Janet, your creations are so beautiful, and what a gorgeous and feminine work space you have... I'm just drooling! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  10. absolute treat to see your creativity! FuN!!
    wondering if you or your readers would be interested in the FIRST! Valentine TeaCup Exchangei'm hosting at FHC? tea's on :) Welcome...

  11. Lucky Deb! Congrats on 12 years!!!!! Here's to many more! Shabbyfufu is amazing,(and so are you) that's why you have had so much success!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. I hope that's the Deb I think it is. Congrats to her... kind of wish it was me though, can you blame me, Deb (and Janet)?

  13. Janet,
    I just read Julie's comment, I didn't know you had a mortar & brick store in the past. Learn something new every day!