March 24, 2011

French Style Living Room....Pared In White

The good thing about being in this business of antique selling for many a year now is that I have "stuff", and lots of it! I wish that we had a basement or decent attic for storage, but that's not the case. Still I have lots to use to style my home with on a whim or to change it up for the seasons. The thing is that although I am inspired by many of the beautiful vignettes I see out there in bloglandia, I don't want my own home to look like a store. I work with so much "stuff" on a daily basis that I need my home to be a refuge of calm these days....and I've taken to storing the extra "stuff" away. It may look like this today...but tomorrow, who knows? I've still got plenty of pink, a ton of turquoise and a plethora of pretties to use! 

Here is the living room as it looks today with French inspiration and pared down a bit. Still need a rug and trying to decide if I want to use the huge faded vintage one that was in our bedroom at one time or perhaps just a natural wool sisal. What do you think?
I adore old metal work pieces! The gates came out of an old home here and my sweet hubby brought them home for me. The coffee table is a marriage of an old painted iron garden table base and another cast off....piece of Carrera marble.....
Not sure if I'll leave that painting up or do something else. Any ideas? The painting is an antique French rug study.....
Mantel vignettes are always temporary around our home, changing on a weekly basis.....
Old tattered to perfection books, antique beaded domes from France, alabaster compote and beaded fruit under cloche....
More old books, one of my many antique door stops and an ironstone bowl with old wedding flowers & rosaries...
Tattered antique trophy with fresh white hydrangeas
Love the juxtaposition of soft pieces against hard, tattered with fancy (where the name of my business Shabbyfufu comes from!).....
Tufted white antique French sofa love.....
Ever changing array of pillows around here.....
Stack till you drop.....broody antique rose paintings, old white painted frames, ghost mirror....
Tufted love again. Our older daughter says that she has dibs on this piece if I ever decide to let it go......
Love my pair of old French club chairs. Squishy and large, a great place to sit and read a favorite book.....
Light fills this room for the morning, making it the perfect spot for photo shoots.....
That's it for today......Off to relax for a long weekend at the beach before hitting it up big time to post all of the new items that I've been working on for the website next week!

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  1. Hi Janet!

    I think your living room is lovely as is! I love everything! Your sofa is out of this world and I love the gates next to your fireplace. I wish I had the room for something like those.

    I love sisal and think it would go so well with the sunny look of your room...but that's just me. You have that magic touch, so go with what is YOU!

    Happy Thursday!


  2. Hi Janet, I always love visiting your place!... everything is so dreamy, I would just sit in there all day long... I think the sisal rug sounds nice too... I love your French sofa the most!... I too keep all my "stuff" and change things around as I get the desire to... I have collected for years as well, and do not want to part with most things, so I just switch them around... love that ghost mirror too!... enjoy your time at the beach... we are getting snow here again tonight!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Kisses to Murphy, hope he is doing well!

  3. Simply Breathtaking! Your home is just dreamy!!! Thank you for sharing photos.

  4. Janet I don't think I could possibly convey in words how much I adore this room. It is perfect in so many ways. It is everything I love. The iron, the linen, the tufts, the hydrangeas...and on and on. So well done!
    I also love your beautiful kitchen!!!
    sending hugs...

  5. Ohhhh I'm drooling over here! I just love your coffee table, so unique and everything else is just gorgeous!!! I wish I had a knack to decorate like this!

  6. Hi Janet!!

    I love your living room and think it has just the right amount of stuff. It is calm and restful. Very lovely!
    I love sisal only because I have pets and at times they do have stomach upsets and always run for the carpet before I can get to them...sisal is so easy to clean. I have it as a runner on my stairs and it holds up to daily traffic.

    You are so lucky to have access to so many beautiful things!

    Pamela xo

  7. Janet your home takes my breath away! So gorgeous!@!

  8. How beautiful! (though your home always is!)I especially adore your sofa and coffee table! I always enjoy getting a peek into your beautiful home : ) Have a great weekend! ~Destiny

  9. I love your living room...and I don't see one thing wrong with it just the way it is perfect. I was laughing the other day...I"m a quilter and have quilt fabric everywhere...bottom of hubby's dresser in drawers he doesn't bend over to use...or linen closets...under cushions on the couch...who looks there? Creative people store all their goodies in creative places! I look forward to seeing more of your home! It is lovely.
    I think a lovely blog USUALLY means a lovely person behind it!

  10. Hi Sweet Janet,
    I would love to dream away in your living room, it's perfect. Not too over done but one where relaxing is key with beautiful objects but room to breath. Those old metal pieces you've given a new home are beautiful and set the room off just right.

    Love the couch, pillows and caned chair too. Okay, I love it all and not surprised, your taste is tops in my book (always has been).

    Hey sweet friend, thank you for mentioning my giveaway, you are wonderful. If I haven't mentioned it for a while, I'm so glad our paths crossed, from this petite maison and petite heart.

    Have fun and remember... tell the ocean I say hello.

  11. PS
    I'm thinking sisal sounds great for the rug.

    I just rec'd a rug today from One King's Lane... it's in my office still rolled up, haven't broken the news to Shayne, guess I'll see if he notices tomorrow when it's rolled out. It's antique white so we'll see how that goes, excited to open it though. Really hope it's not too big for my odd shaped bedroom.

    Okay, enough about me... let's see some sisal rug in there but bet the vintage is good too!

  12. Hi Janet ~ everything looks simply divine! How refreshing and lovely! I think that I would change the painting over the sofa as you were asking...maybe a more subdued print or painting to coincide with the more muted decor? Just a's pretty much perfect! ~Stacy~

  13. A fabulous french decor, so inviting!


  14. That living room is a dream! The BEACH! I am off to shover snow off of our porch!
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Hi Janet !
    I LOVE your iron gate ! so beautiful,
    your living room is very serene i think that a sisal rug will fit very nicely !
    Have a great sunday !

  16. Your living room is just lovely. I would go for the sisal rug. Think it would be a nice contrast and some texture. I love your blog and you are certainly an inspiration to me.

  17. Gates would be cool above the sofa,,LOVE everything!!