March 10, 2011

Romantic Prairie Style Is Here!

Greetings friends....I hope that you all are doing well. If you are a fan of any of the now numerous blogs out there that feature romantic decorating style, then you are probably well aware of Fifi O'Neill's new baby (book, that is!) Romantic Prairie Style. It's out! 

I received my copy earlier today and have been pouring over the beauty contained in between the covers of this hardback, and really do need to put it down because I am supposed to be working on my company taxes! Here is just one photo that I am sharing because I know that you'all either have ordered it yourselves or will rush right over to (there is a link in my sidebar...and NO, I don't "get anything" out of it if you click & buy!) and purchase a copy. You won't be disappointed ladies, it's very lovely...well thought out, styled, photographed and written. 
I was pleased to see some of the linens that Fifi had asked me to make for her own home shoot shown on the bed in her guest cottage:-). The runners can be purchased by preorder on my website HERE, the burlap & lace pillows are One Of A Kind and at the moment I don't have any on the Shabbyfufu website (sold out) but I hope to sew up some more soon......
Photos by Mark Lohman, Styling by Fifi O'Neill
If you read my little secret share in my previous, it's not this. Something else and I'll share when I can...soon.

I hear that it's still cold in many places, so I am leaving you with a little warm weather inspiration today. Some photos that I recently snapped at our beach home on a hydrangea happy day.


  1. O My Goodness!! i cannot wait to get my book,i should have it in a few days!! Just love Fifi...Your linens are so beautiful..i want!!

  2. That is one gorgeous book, fabulous presentations. Beautiful beautiful decors ...

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~


  3. Love that last photo of the bedroom...dreamy!!!

  4. Hi Janet, ooh I want my copy to arrive soo bad!... I ordered it the very first day... I love your beach house photos, especially the pretty sea glass... and your runner in Fifi's book is fabulous!... can hardly wait to hear your next exciting news!... Tessy sends big kisses to Murphy!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tess

  5. I can't wait to see this gorgeous book...and your post is just a lovely as it always is...xxoo Diana

  6. Hi Janet,
    I just received my copy too! Love the Praries all of them. The chickens, the barns, the old real antique pieces. Ciao Rita Mammabellarte

  7. I'm just going to crack the book open "for reals" as my daughter says and really take a look now. I am thrilled I have one of the runners from the photo shoot here at home, Janet, you know how much it means to moi!

    So there's some neat news in the future? I know with you, the sky's the limit and with good reason... you can do it all and with finesse of none other.

    I am honored to be in the Sources section of the book with you. As I've always known, you are a class act and a lady my heart is quite fond of, cher Janet.

  8. Janet, That sounds much more fun than doinf taxes! How lucky are you you already have your copy! Fifi is fabulous isn't she.
    Where do you get your incredible talent?!?!!! SO happy your work is in magazines and books!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I cannot wait to get this book!
    I love these