April 9, 2011

Roses Inspiration And Beauty

Hello to you and I want to give a warm welcome and thank you to all of the new followers on my blog this past week. I hope to bring not just great giveaways, but lots of inspiration and beauty into your world and your home......

Speaking of bringing beauty into the home....I picked up some beautiful blush pink roses and hydrangeas this morning while out at the market and decided that I needed a little time to relax this evening with one of my passions, which is working in Photoshop. Which is your favorite photo?

If you haven't yet entered my fabulous giveaway for the signed copy of Fifi ONeill's book Romantic Prairie Style, and the gorgeous hand painted roses tea set with teas by Farnaz, please do! Be sure to leave a comment on the previous post for that and I'll be back on Friday to announce the lucky winner.....

Until then....have a beautiful week ahead~


  1. Oh Janet...LOVE all the pics of roses hon...but... the first pic is awesome beauty:) I LOVE roses!! Never get enough of them..outside & inside:)
    Pic of your table is beautiful too sweets!
    Deb:) xox

  2. Hi! Hard to pick a favorite. Of course I LOVE the first one where it appears the roses are in their natural state...and just when I would think I had picked a favorite I would change my mind...quick..quick...before I change it again...Number 4 down from the top...softly, romantically beautiful! xxoo Diana

  3. Beautiful Pictures, My Favorite Roses! I went to see Fifi yesterday in Sarasaota, book singing !! Posh on Palm ...WOW Beautiful place...My first time there... I hope you have a lovely week.. Take care

    Just love your photos

  4. Beautiful photos Janet! And of course, I've already entered for a chance to win your fabulous giveaway :) Now, if I HAD to choose which photo is my favorite, I guess it would be the first one, showing the flowers in their natural state.

    Have a wonderful day, and upcoming week :)

    Warmes hugs, Brenda

  5. Hi Janet... I love all of the photos, but I think the second one down is my favorite... you always post the prettiest things... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. hi janet,

    all of your photos are beautiful (dare i use the term 'luscious'?) but i think the second from the bottom is my fave.

    happy sunday


  7. it's so nice to stop by. I always here so many amazing things about you...& I can see why... I think we are neighbors? xo Laura

  8. Beautiful pictures, Janet! I love your photography!


  9. Lovely variations of the rose photo!Thanks for stopping by today! XO Christie

  10. Hi Janet,

    I love photoshop too..I think I could spend a lifetime learning something new. I think the first photo is my favorite.

    Sparkly days to you,
    Stephanie ♥

  11. Hi Janet, I simply adore Roses, just made two pink childrens crowns with child in center of each rose. came out spectacular!! A lot of my roses were lost to disease but now you have inspired me to go buy a few new ones, pink,peach,pale yellow and ivory...Hugs JoAnn S