May 2, 2011

Teacups, Roses And Mating For Life At Shabbyfufu

Hello everyone...I hope that you are doing well and able to squeeze in some time for yourself this week....

I'm participating again in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday, since the theme is teacups...of which I guess I'm somewhat of an expert! Although NOT an expert on the following....I do love photography and Photoshop as well and just wish that I had more time for both! Back in college (I've mentioned before) I was an art major and my room mate was a photography major. Our bathroom was the darkroom...which shows my age as our cameras actually took film! Does anyone else remember that, lol! Definitely having that knowledge is a big help in knowing about shutter speed, aperture and ISO' I am trying to find the time to convert my past experiences and build on that for current times......

I have gazillions of teacup shots, since I work with them for creating my teacup lighting for the website. For the website I always shoot smaller images (and not in raw), so I don't have to edit as much. I do almost always use manual settings, proud of that...but I would not call myself a professional photographer by any stretch....which I think should be reserved for those who make their living at it and truly know all of the ins and outs:-).  
Here are a few simple product shots with Kim's textures.....

One layer  of Portrait in softlight @100%
Two layers of Portrait. I thought I would try what Kim did with one layer at Softlight 100% and one at Multiply 40% 
One layer of Portrait at Softlight 100%
Two layers of Portrait, one at Softlight 100% and one at Overlay 20%
Just an FYI for those who have asked, I AM working on another Teacup Chandelier right now and some other lighting too. They'll be coming to the shop soon.....

Also new in the shop, I just finished two of my romantic dressforms on Sunday, one hanging and one free standing. They sold before I even had a chance to blink *-* but thought I would post a photo of each (edited with various textures) so that you can see.......

Here is another photo that I took today and used some textures from Florabella on. We have been so fortunate to have these Macaws hanging around our yard the last couple of weeks, feasting on our hundreds of coconuts in the trees. Breathtaking creatures who are out in the wild, as they should be.....

Did you know that Macaws mate for life? Well it seems that my husband and I have too, as we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary next week (we got married when we were 10, just kidding:-) and HOPE to be flying off in a couple of days to New York to celebrate....

So that's it for now.....and thank you to everyone who emailed or commented about my little sidekick Murphy (previous post). He's still hanging in there despite his very rapidly declining health. I've been at the Vet twice today with not sure how much longer he has, but as long as he is content we are doing what we can. Keep thinking those good thoughts for him....k?


  1. Hi Janet,
    Love the shots of the tea cup; so pretty! And I love the chandelier! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sending lots of happy, positive and encouraging thoughts to sweet little Murphy... here's hoping he feels better and is with you a long, long time... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. LOVE the pictures. I adore all things pink and your photography skills are amazing!

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! My parents just celebrated their 25th. It makes me happy when I see couples that actually stay together! :) Gives me some hope for the future ;)


  4. Look at your beautiful photos! I really love the first one. Congratulations on your anniversary. Best wishes for your little Murphy :)


  5. Gorgeous! All the photos are truly stunning. I love how the texture adds to the romanticism of your tea cups. Rather than becoming the main attraction, they bring out the ethereal aspects of the cups. Bravo.

    And those dress forms...... No wonder they sod so quickly. I'm still picking up my jaw off the floor, they are that stunning.

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary.
    (and I'm your newest follower - very happy to have found your blog over in texture tuesdays)

  6. oh I am loving everyone! Especially the pink dresses!


    Congrats on your Anniversary! My In-Laws just celebrated their 60th! Now that is something ♥

  7. Oh so lovely! Beautiful chandelier:)

  8. Wonderful composition and texture work here!
    Happy to have found/followed you!! :)

  9. Hi Janet,
    That tea cup is so cute. Love your blog. ~Have a wonderful day~

  10. There is so much gorgeousness here, I don't know where to look first. Your photography, your subjects, your shop, it's all so lovely. I am loving that romantic dress form.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Your texture work is beautiful.

  11. How lovely- and what a wonderful website!

  12. Hi Janet,

    Great images, and your blog is lovely!

  13. happy anniversary, janet! how fun that you'll be going to NYC. the weather should be perfect springtime weather!

    beautiful photos. i remember film. i had a photog major roommate, too! i was a fine arts major back then ... oh, those crazy college days!

    thanks for the nice compliment on my armoire. i could stare at it all day! (sad but true)


  14. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it. I used All-Purpose Joint Compound on my furniture many times. I think this technique is durable, but remember to apply a Primer- Sealer before painting. I would love to see your buffet before-after picture :) ~Have a wonderful day and keep yourself crafty~

  15. Janet, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 30 years, that is wonderful! Seahorses slso mate for life, and I always thought that was so cool. Hence- that's why I think it's so sad when they kill them for souveniers. ) :
    New York! How fun! Have a wonderful time! That chandie is gorgeous ... as always!!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  16. Happy anniversary. I am drawn to roses and pink roses specifically. This image along with your other are spectacular. Nice work with texture.