July 7, 2011

A Message Of Heartfelt Thanks

I think that it must have been my previous post that prompted her to write this, but I forgot to ask (read on)....

With an online presence of my shop at Shabbyfufu for over 12 years now, I have literally seen it all, done it all and heard it all. Or so I thought...

I received the most touching email from a customer this week that truly brought tears to my eyes. I asked her if I could share this anonymously with my readers and I do have her permission...

A Message Of Heartfelt Thanks

Hi Janet!

I have ordered some pretties from you previously and will again. You clearly love your journey in life and I am even MORE delighted to see that you are also contributing writer/photographer for my absolute long time favorite magazines:  Romantic Homes and Romantic Country.  No wonder I love those inspiring publications so much, you have a hand in it, with all the gorgeous lay outs and yummy photos.  :-)

Why am I saying all this?  My husband has battled colon cancer for two years now, since he was only 47. It is now stage IV and spread to 3 organs.  We will be at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. most of the summer and I always take my little "notebook" computer.  So let me tell you, as I sit in hospitals and am at home caring for him, your boutique and website is TRULY a blessing of beauty to me.  I immediately feel myself relax the minute I click on your website and the passage of time is serene, soft, delightful and so so appreciated!!  As soon as I am able to return to my career, I will indeed be back to shop in your gorgeous boutique.  I just thought you might enjoy hearing how your creative, beautiful talents touch us in other ways too!  My home is my haven and I try to create a lovely place for family and friends---but I also can take all the beauty you offer on the road with me, only a click away and I am transported to a vision of roses, softness and calm.

One romantic story you might enjoy:  as my husband was in the middle of a grueling chemo regime two months ago and terribly weakened (this is a man who owns a business and works 6-7 long days a week and never sits still), he still insisted on creating a "secret rose garden" just for me, for our 17 year anniversary, in a spot right under a large decorative window in our breakfast nook. It can only be viewed from our back yard and tucked in a sweet spot. I watched with tears of both sadness and joy as he and my 16 year old son dug out grass, hauled in bricks to frame the rose garden, laid black paper down, the whole bit---and dug holes for all the glorious rose bushes, as I choreographed the "rose-scape." We moved in to our new home a year ago so we continue to landscape and create outdoor vignettes every summer. He did all this, stopping to bend over and wretch, all day until this gift was finished.  I have never been so humbled and touched---and I will treasure this lovely gesture of true love for the rest of my life. THAT is what your work does, it inspires so many of us in every day life, to create beauty and APPRECIATE the beauty every day.

I just wanted to share.  :-)

Thank you for bringing a spot of beauty to my sometimes sad days.  Truly.

God bless!
"A H" in Iowa

WOW, right?
Truth be told I don't have my hands in the magazine pies much anymore these days......as my focus is more creating in my studio and enjoying life's moments and embracing life......

I'm touched, honored and humbled by this email. When I sigh at the state of our feeble economy or lament the fact that the internet is overcrowded with new sellers (thus thinning it out for us long time retailers), I will read her email over again. I am blessed to enjoy good health, a roof over my head, good food to eat and a wonderful family. In terms of my "career", the older that I get I embrace even more a most sincere intent to bring beauty to the days of those who land at Shabbyfufu. No amount of money, a good day of sales or notoriety can beat that for me.....


  1. Janet,
    Wow. That really puts the day to day stuff into perspective.
    I am a repeat customer also, and actually just received a package today! I was going to send you a little note, but the idea of it pales alongside this one.
    Prayers for the author of this lovely note, and for her husband and son.
    xo, Anita

  2. Very touching! I too had a father who suffered from colon cancer. I understand the need for outlets in such difficult times!

  3. Hi Janet,
    Isn't it wonderful when the work that you do can touch someone's life so poignantly. I loved reading her sweet message and feel so inspired. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This really made me want to cry. You have a gift and someone is benefiting daily from it. Be proud, Janet!


  5. Janet, such a precious story and post. Boy I am so grateful for life...each moment a gift...I agree that it is important that we surround ourselves with beauty to ward away the dark storms. Such lovely words touch all of our hearts. Thank you so much for sharing. I too appreciate all that you bring to your blog...beautiful blogs usually mean a lovely person behind them.

  6. What an inspiring letter! A timely reminder for us all to enjoy and be thankful for the beautiful blessings in our lives. Also a reminder that joy can be found in simple pleasures.(browsing a gorgeous website)Thank you for sharing and my prayers and positive energies to the lovely lady who wrote the letter and her loved ones.

  7. I am a strong believer that there are angels on earth. it is amazing the people that touch our lives, I am so glad that you made someones sad days brighter. that is truly beautiful. hugs dear friend.

  8. That is so beautiful! That is so wonderful how you have touched her life as you have touched so many! Blessing to you Janet!

  9. Janet...Oh my goodness..that brought tears to my eyes also!!! Very touching...my prayers go out to this sweet women & her wonderful..kind husband..God Bless them.
    I feel the same way too Janet..Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading & buying from...not really even knowing what I was doing or what direction I was going in..I remember my "first" purcahse....My darling angel lamp with Rachel Ashwell pink roses lampshade!!! Still today when I look at my lamp...I think of you:) My family teases me when I talk of my "blog friends"... saying Hon...you do NOT even see these people..how are you friends...& I just smile..& say..yes we are:) Because we all go thru stuff & things together...your website makes her happy during stress...it does me too...or your in need of some beauty..afer a horriblr day working with the public....so to me ..thats friends:)
    You will always be a blessing to me sweets & many many more...that you dont even know about:) Oh dear didnt mean to write a book...this just touched me...
    Deb:) xoxox

  10. Janet- That is just the most tender, emotional story, isn't it? How wonderful to have touched someone's life that way-to have eased someone's burden for a moment in time...made them forget what they are going through...that is God sent. I think sometimes we are here just to offer a word of encouragement and a buffer between the hard realities of life. You did good, Janet...very, very good. Blessings- Diaan

  11. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story.

  12. What a beautiful note. They sound like a couple who never lost sight of what "true love" really is.

  13. Oh Janet.....I am so touched by all the kind comments.....your generous spirit in sharing my personal story with everyone was great "medicine." What a great forum you provided for women to connect, soul-to-soul, and better then sitting down with a cup of tea with shomeone. This was like sitting down with a cup of tea with MANY bright, caring women. You do indeed have many gifts. Hugs! Amy

  14. This was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. God Bless this woman and her uplifting messages. In the wake of her husbands serious illness, she has found some peace.

  15. I just realized this is not a current story and was published a few years ago. It is still very beautiful and heartwarming. I hope that she read all of the lovely comments that were written after you shared her letter.