July 22, 2011

Romantic Living At Shabbyfufu

Hi everyone....hope that you are surviving the drastic heat wave. We are used to frying and wilting down here in Miami, but I really feel for you guys in the Northeast and Midwest that don't have the thin blood that we do. Here is a little picture that I took over the ocean to cool you down......
Before the internet was around, those who know me locally might recall my clothing business "Pour It On Productions". As I've said in previous posts, I have done it all in terms of art over the years and making (and selling) clothing was one of them! In fact I made most of the outfits for my girls when they were young, as well as their nursery items...bedding, etc. I did really well with Pour It On for quite some time and did the show circuit down here, as well as selling to boutiques and private clients. Lots of hand painting, tie dying, lace...etc. What can I say... that's what was en vogue back then, haha.....
So I've had an itch to do clothing again, and started doing some sewing a couple of months ago and finally got around to posting a few things today on my website. Not sure how these will do, since of course now there IS an internet, and thus there are so many shopping options, but I may do a few shows in the Fall as time permits.....

Lots of "upcycling" and reusing of clothing both old and new....and I have tons and tons of antique lace and fabrics that I've gathered over the years. I like to think of these as dress forms of mine that you can actually wear..... 

Just one thing that I hafta say....why anyone would want some of the fashions that are currently en vogue and make you look frumpy, I don't know? 
It's really about Romantic Living for me.....
If you are interested, please visit the shop at Shabbyfufu.com and have a great weekend....


  1. So pretty Janet!... I cannot understand why some women want to look like they do in camouflage outfits and such... I want to look like a lady... even in jeans and a pretty blouse... yours will be beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. You definitely have the romantic look down, Janet! I love the little bling here and there and all the detail. Very pretty!

    How neat that you had this sort of business before. Do you ever slow down?!! ;-D


  3. We are pretty used to steamy summers here in the Mid-Atlantic, also. But this is so extreme that it's dangerous. I hope it passes soon!
    I love, love, love the tops! I usually wear dresses when I'm not in workout clothes, but I think I will be making an exception for these!
    xo, Anita

  4. Greetings from one of those "thick blooded" midwesterners who is wilting from our heat wave! Thank goodness for airconditioning :-)
    Your daughters are adorable in their sweet handmade outfits!
    My mom made all our clothes - from necessity not creativity!! And even our itty bitty Barbie doll clothes!
    Your new line is simply gorgeous and oh so chic!!
    I'm sorry to see that your little Murphy passed away in May - such a dear face . . . we lost our Maxxie in May also :-(
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend Janet . . . .

  5. Wow those sold fast.. They are all beautiful.

  6. Pretty, pretty, Janet. Going to go take a look at the website.

    I believe in romance & not frumpiness too, no wearing potato sacks, etc. here for me.

  7. Congratulations on such a sucessful launch! I hope that you will be making more pretty clothes for your shop! :-)

  8. I just returned to southwest Ohio from a vacation on Marco Island. Love your photo...miss those cool gulf breezes!

  9. Just returned to steamy southwest Ohio after a lovely stay on Marco Island. Love your photograph! Reminds me how much I miss those gulf breezes.