July 11, 2011

Shabbyfufu Mason Jar Chandelier Update

Hello everyone.....I hope that you had a better weekend then I did, as I had some sort of a reaction to my dinner on Friday night and well....let's just say that I spent most of the weekend not feeling up to par. Back on track this Monday and I just wanted to share something that I added to the website today. 
Do you remember this?
As I mentioned that thing went viral and was all over the blogs, forums and Pinterest and I had several offers, but at this point it's still a keeper in my home. So.....I made a couple of very sweet and simple vintage Mason Jar Chandeliers that I just added to the website and they would be perfect with just about any decorating style from shabby chic to beach cottage to traditional. 

Here is the smaller one......no muss, no fuss, just cottage white and aqua

And here is the larger one....oh yeah, the one that is the fancy original design is a "candeliere" but these two are both electric and so more functional for better light.....

They are very affordable and you can find them HERE
That's it for today....losing the entire weekend I have plenty of catching up to do! I hope that you have a great week....


  1. Well Janet Coon...you have blown me away once again! You just never stop, do you? Simply fabuloso! LOVE THEM ALL!


  2. Aww Janet..Sorry you were sick! Its NO fun! It happenened to me..only once thank goodness!
    I am SO happy for you & your mason jar chandy...going viral & pinterst..I saw it on there & I was like...WOW!! I know her & shes sooo talented:) The smaller ones on your website are truly darling! Hope it brings great things to Shabbyfufu!!!
    This HOT OK. weather has me feeling worn down! I am staying in under A/C.
    Have a great rest of the week hon!
    Deb:) xoxoxox

  3. Hi Janet,
    Your chandeliers are stunning works of art! If I had a spot for it I'd snap up the chocolate pot and cups one you have on your site!!
    Am sure you dont remember me but I bought lots of vintage barkcloth from you many moons ago!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity and hope you feel better soon!

  4. They are all just so gorgeous Janet!
    Hope youre feeling so much better..have a great week!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. Hi Janet
    Poor you with the food reaction, I hope you're feeling better now.

    I absolutely love your Mason Jar Chandeliers!! I bet they give out a beautiful light, what a fabulous idea

    Gail xx

  6. Janet- It went viral because of your incredible talent! Love the big one and the sweet little ones!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Janet....absolutely gorgeous! Your visions and creative artistry are always perfecto every time! Please take care and hope you are on the mend! Thanks again for the eye candy! Hugs! Amy in Iowa