August 15, 2011

Shabbyfufu Shoppe Update

Hello everyone....I'm posting a quick update for those who visit my shop at Shabbyfufu, which BTW has been on the web since the late 90's (way before blogging)!

I finished one of my new hanging dress forms that I think is one of the prettiest and most feminine to date for those who still love pink & girly. Do we ever outgrow pink? I've been doing these forms for many, many years now....they are original to my website and can be done as a custom order in most any color... 
Lots of other new things...a little vignette below, please come visit when you can. Thank you to all of my customers who come from this blog...worldwide shipping IS available! 


  1. OMG! I love the pink dress form.
    I know that you put a lot of work into these and this one is drop dead gorgeous!


  2. I LOVE IT !!!! Very beautiful! it was so a hard choice to get the oak floors, im so use to white floors, but the were pergo, so nothing really compares to the wood, but i still would like to sand them down, but my husband my want to kill me... but they are a matte finish. Good luck with your decision , at least i still have white in the

  3. Pinkilicious and Perfect. Your work is beautiful. Creative week ahead...

  4. Hi Janet
    OH My~~Very beautiful indeed. Glad to hear you've been keeping out of trouble!
    I think I've worked out my blogging issues and can finally leave comments!
    Gail xo

  5. I absolutely adore the pink dress! I also do not think we ever outgrow least I know I never will :)

  6. Love the dress form! Are you doing more clothing for your shop? Linda