September 22, 2011

French Farmhouse Table...My Muse, His Muse

Our new French farmhouse table that we built and love:~)
Scroll down and I'll tell you a little bit about how we put all this together....

My muse (French style elegance).....Rachel Ashwell Darcy Chair
His muse (rustic French style)....Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Wood Table
One of our "will get to it some day" projects was to change out our dining room table and chairs. A serendipitous moment recently occurred when I came across the chairs that I'd been searching for for months on Craigslist. Yep....Craigslist.
Cute French scripted seats that someone did a nice recovering job on...but not the look I was going for. I made some simple Belgian linen skirted slips, but I did keep the scripted seats intact underneath so that I can change it out.....
Now on to the table.

Around 10 years ago I had purchased a table from a house sale for $20. The owner told me that it was from Pottery Barn. Even with all of the years that I've been doing this I still remember where I purchased almost everything...and the cost! We have had it up at our beach home, but it's really too small at 6 feet, as that room is large and open. We brought it down to our home where we live our every day lives, this dining room is smaller. Some time after the photo shoot we plan on building a larger Farmhouse Table for the beach house.
We removed the top from the base which was pretty easy and simply unscrewed. The top has been saved for a future project. 
We purchased six 2 x 8 foot pieces of Southern Yellow Pine from Lowes and had everything else that we needed already in our messy garage. Underneath the table we used some 2 x 4 pieces of scrap wood and built some cross bases. Assuming that you don't have a spare table base lying around you can purchase table legs at Lowes and do something similar. With a screw gun we carefully screwed the cross braces to the wood planks from the underside so that they didn't show on the top. We did not use any screws that might show on the top (no nails used, only screw gun), as we wanted a somewhat refined look. I'm sorry that I don't have any photos of all of the steps, but I just didn't have the time to take any. Then came sanding by Mr.wonderful (who dreams about that Restoration Hardware piece)....

Staining...we used what we had in the garage, I think that it was Early American.....
I am the more patient painter of the team with a lighter hand, and don't tell....but I sanded down his stain some to bring up more of the grain and lighten up a bit. I gave the table 3 coats of Briwax, which I've used for years and is my favorite....albeit a little hard to find as it's from England. In between each hand applied coat of wax I buffed by hand with old t shirts. I love the sheen....LOVE
You really can meld two people's styles and I'm loving the juxtaposition of the chic elegance with the rustic French farmhouse.....


  1. LOVE your chairs and the table came out amazing! It is nice when you can come together and compromise on a look with your husband. I'm still working on mine to agree on our fireplace.
    Wonderful news about Fifi's visit! I will keep my eyes out for your feature. :)
    - susan

  2. Your dreams look great together and love the table top and briwax although phew you can get so high from the fumes but it has a finish like no other and a great colour range too x

  3. Wow! I love how it all looks together. Good job!


  4. It is just gorgeous, Janet. You must be getting so excited! I can't wait FOR you! xo diana

  5. Ohhhh Janet...LOVE your chairs & table...looks gorgeous!! You & Mr. FuFu work sooo well together:)
    Have a good weekend sweets..
    Deb:) xoxo

  6. Love the new table top! Can't wait to hear all about your visit from FiFi!

  7. What a wonderful transformation, everything looks beautiful.
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. FABULOUS. from your inspirations to reality!

    Love it.

    Found you via MMS and hope you’ll swing by! I have a great giveaway today:

    best to you.


  9. Love this Janet- what great finds and love love love how that table came out too! Hope you are having a fantabulous time with Miss Fifi!! :)

  10. Janet your table and chairs is beyond amazing! What an honor to have Fifi coming to your home!! Can not wait to read all about it! That is a dream come true!

  11. just lovely!! I have the trestle restoration hardware table, which I adore, however it is really wonky. There are some places where plates and glasses wobble. :-( Beautiful but not practical when little ones dining on it. So your table is gorgeous AND practical :-). I love your chairs, what a find!! Enjoy!!

  12. I love the contrast of the rougher wood with the delicate chairs. It gives me hope that you can meld two different decorating styles! Great job.

  13. Love how your table turned out. I have the same vision for my dining room Frenchy chairs and a rustic table. Building a table is on my spring to do list.

  14. What a fab find those chairs were!
    I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!!