September 26, 2011

Organizing, Paring Down And Helping Others....

I've been going thru oodles of stuff and it feels good to at least take a stab at organizing. Just a few quick shots of some of my piles that I just shot......

Just some of the stack of old windows that I have. A friend is going to take some to her shop to sell.... 

Working on updating a vintage china cabinet. Chicken wire or wire grating??
Waxing furniture....smells like Briwax in here!
One great thing about organizing is that it gives one a chance to share with others and pare down. We had a huge amount of goods picked up by the Salvation Army on Saturday, and gave some other things to a couple of people that we know in town who are facing hard times. 

Do you have too much stuff?.....


  1. Hi Janet!
    There sure is lots of pretty shabby goodness going on around your place.
    That's really nice that you have donated some of your pretties to those that can use them.
    Love those old windows. And, the cabinet is looking great.


  2. Oh Lordy..YES I have TOOO much stuff Janet!! Realized how bad after cleaning bookcase & painting fireplace!! Deep cleaning today..& goodwill here I come!! Feels great too....not all done...but better:)
    Hugs to you dear almost called u for advice on mantel...our fireplace & mantle is now creamy white:) & I love:) Wanted differnt...but not daughter helped me..think I got it! hope so anyhow..
    Deb:) xoxox
    ps didnt call...didnt want u to think I was a crazy person LOL

  3. Oh, yes, but I would gladly take some of your "stuff" off of your hands!!!!


  4. Oh Janet- You hit the nail on the head- I have SO much stuff. That is one of my goals - to sort through the STUFF and get rid of some of it. I really need to do this! You are inspiring! xo Diana

  5. Beautiful photos! I love how soft and interesting everything looks together!

  6. Gorgeous shabby treasures and your photos are beautiful- I am loving those charming old windows, and the pretty chairs, and the... :)

  7. Hey there ... I have been doing the same thing ... I have so many things that I need to get rid of ... possibly moving next summer and need to get rid of a lot ... several boxes for AmVets ... a lot of craft things and material going to a lovely lady whose husband just lost his job ...

    ON the cabinet I like the wire grating ... looks simple yet elegant ...


  8. Hi Janet, and thanks sooo much for stopping in to visit me!... I have been quite sick this past little while and had another surgery the middle of August so I have not visited much in blogland... need to catch up!... you have so many wonderful treasures and how so like you to want to give some to those in need!... I have so much stuff too, but have a hard time parting with things... I guess I just need to dig in like you are, and let some of it go... I did pare down on some clothes (that's a start!)... but am already thinking about what you will have in your shop for the holidays, you know me and your little Putz houses!... Enjoy your Autumn, love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Those chairs are truly nice looking. I hope they went to a great home!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting