September 29, 2011

Simple And Lovely Eucalyptus Wreath Project For You To Try

I love eucalyptus...with it's woodsy aroma I find it perfect to use around my home for the Fall season...
This simple wreath was made with just a few things, all of which you can pick up at the craft store. You'll need...
a bunch of eucalyptus, 12 gauge aluminum floral wire (I used black), 24 gauge floral wire (use green) and some wire cutters...
Bend the wire into shape....I chose hearts. The aluminum floral wire is easy to bend so that you won't need any tools. Twist the ends together to hold...
Snip off some pieces of eucalyptus and your 24 gauge wire and start wrapping. I wanted a very simple look and only used one layer of leaves...but you could do more or make this larger...
If you plan on hanging it on a hook, add some wire to the backside...
Lovely, simple and so easy...


  1. Love this Janet!
    Simply beautiful, and I love the smell of eucalyptus too.
    You had me at "hearts" :)

    Deborah xo

  2. What a dear little wreath! I can smell it from here (almost!;>)

  3. I'll have her bring a bucket for you !!!

  4. Hi Janet ! beautiful and simple to make , but I can't find eucalyptus here in my french country side !
    Have a great weekend !

  5. So pretty and so simple. I could see one or two in my future. I just love the smell too:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens