October 8, 2011

Fifi And Mark.... My Home Shoot

Hello everyone....some of you have asked about the photo shoot at my home with Fifi, so I have just a few photos and thoughts to share with you today. It was an honor to work with my dear friend Fifi once again! She is just a delightful spirit and shared photos and info of what she has in the works with me. You guys will all love what's to come from her in the future I'm sure:-). 
Although I have worked with Fifi before, this was my first time meeting photographer Mark Lohman. He's a seasoned pro and a no nonsense type of guy and to observe was a treat. We have the same camera and lens love...and he was kind enough to share a bit of his knowledge with me. I love this photo of Fifi and myself that he shot.....
A little photography tip is to use a sheer white drape on the window and photograph your object (in this case people) with the light coming in from the side.......

Gotcha! I took a few photos of Fifi and Mark at work....
And just a few photos that I took earlier in the week, as I did much of the styling beforehand to have it ready for the shoot.....

I'm off to relax a bit today up at our beach home before I get back to work on my sorely neglected website next week! 
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  1. Janet,
    The pictures of your home are just always gorgeous!! leaves me Speechless my friend....

    Huggs, Nancy

  2. WOw that must have been one AWESOME experience :) Will this be in a future issue of Romantic Country magazine??

  3. Everything looks so romantic and peaceful! Your eye for detail is fab!!

  4. *Sigh* just beautiful!!!!


  5. Your home looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing Fifi's shoot. How exciting to get photography tips from Marl L. his work is fantastic.

  6. To be honest with you, I was on a high Thursday just knowing Fifi and Mark were at your house. I saw the photo of you and Fifi on my sidebar this morning and came running to see more.

    I am thrilled to bits for you (and then a bit more from my heart).

  7. Janet- How wonderful to have the opportunity to share your home with the world. Fifi seems like she is just delightful in person! Can't wait to see the outcome! xo Diana

  8. Fabulous! You have an amazing style.I am so excited to get the new book, it's going to seem like forever~Cheers Kim

  9. Beautiful home, fabulous photos and I appreciate you sharing those photography tips! <3

  10. Every room is like heaven!! It looks so amazing.


  11. Looks beautiful! She and Mark were here a couple of weeks ago. They sure do get around:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. Fantastic Janet ! beautiful photo of you both ! I LOVE the photo outdoor with your garden at the back !!!
    Big huggs !

  13. Oh, your home looks absolutely fabulous! What a fantastic experience. I cannot wait to see when it gets published.
    Great photo of you and Fifi!
    - Susan

  14. a work of art ...

    thanks for sharing!


  15. Dearest Janet,

    Great photo shoot with Fifi! Love her pictures and also yours. Lovely home to show for this book publishing.
    Love to you,


  16. Very lovely! That is so exciting!

  17. what lovely pics. thanks for enriching my soul! Jane x

  18. thank you for visiting so i could discover your lovely blog...finding kindred spirits online just never gets old, does it?

    the shoot looks heavenly, and how thrilling!


  19. Fabulous! You have an amazing style.Very lovely!
    xx viana