October 14, 2011

Shop Talk....Romantic And Shabby Chic Things

If you don't care for romantic style & shabby chic things then you might want to skip on to the next blog in line for your daily reads.....

Our web shop has been on line since 1999, and this style is much of what we offer. There still seem to be plenty of ladies (gents/husbands mostly) that love this.....thank you for that! 

Just a few photos taken from the front page of our website today.....we are in the process of loadin' it up! 

Today I hope to add some pieces in to our French Market. This weekend I'll be in my studio working on some dress forms & chandeliers. See you soon....xo


  1. I love,love romantic style and your pictures are just beautiful x

  2. I love your taste, Janet! You have the shabby thing down perfect!


  3. Hi Janet... I will ALWAYS love your romantic and shabby chic look, I hope you never change it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I love the Forget Me Not !!! Love it !! Beautiful

  5. I will always <3 shabby chic & your online boutique...& your gorgeous blog:)
    Deb:) xoxox

  6. I LOVE shabby chic, and romantic decorating. So beautiful, inviting, and cozy. Now that I think about it, how could you not? But to all their own, right? I love the pic with the fabric on the shelves, lovely!