November 17, 2011

Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial And Giveaway Winner

In an earlier post a few weeks ago I explained my simple method of making mirrors look aged and giving them some patina, and today I am sharing a project that is sort of the opposite! What do I mean by that? Here you will be adding a painted finish rather than removing finish as on the mirror project. 
We have a boatload of old windows around here....not really a boatload, but enough to play around with some for various projects and looks. Lovin' the look of aged mercury glass, especially at holiday time...and am inspired to decorate in a French Nordic Jeanne d'Arc Living theme this year. I plan on putting a few nails in wood mullions of the finished "mercury glass window" and hanging some things on. Will show that, along with the finished room in another post.

This is a very easy method and can be used on any glass surface that you would like to have the old mercury look....vases, bowls, candleholders. Just be sure to work on the reverse side, as this is a mirror effect.

Very'll need just:
A can of Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint
Black acrylic craft paint
Sponge pieces
Flat cotton puffs (like you use for your make up removal)
Paper Towels
Gold and/silver acrylic craft paint
Spray bottle with mixture of 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 water
Spray sealer
Apply the Krylon Looking Glass Paint in four to five even coats of spray to the BACK SIDE of the window (or inside of your vessel). Work outside if's stinky and messy! Allow to dry just for a minute or so in between thin coats of dries quickly!
Take your sponge and rub off areas of the paint where you want the piece of glass to look distressed. You should work quickly, as the Looking Glass Paint dries quickly and it's easier to remove portions when not fully dry.
Dab cotton puff into black acrylic craft paint and start sponging on the areas where paint was removed. Remember to look at the front side of your window or vase to see how it's going to look! I have also used gold and silver craft paint in the past to achieve a more mottled look of colors behind the this is an option if you want to try. You can use a spray mister mixed with equal parts of white vinegar to water....spray on the back and let dry. This will produce little droplets, if you like that look.

Once dry you should spray the side that you painted on with a clear sealer to protect it. you LOVE it?

The winner of the NOVICA Gift Card for $50 was just drawn by and is Bumblebeelane: Please email me and I'll send you the code to use on your prize.....


  1. That technique would work for old mirrors to make trays.Great idea.Off to email you.Excited to have won.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Janet! I can't keep up with all your awesome ideas!! I STILL didn't get around to doing the mirror trick and now this..
    Why you keep doing this to me girl?

    LOL :) I hope you have an awesome weekend!!


  3. This is really beautiful. We have boatloads of windows too! Off to the paint store!