November 2, 2011

November Shop Goods And Trips

I'm excited at the possibilities that November brings...slightly cooler weather here in Florida and with the cooling off here several buying trips planned to meet up with some of my favorite dealers headed south for the winter!

I've been posting some new shop goods at SHABBYFUFU and have more to come. Here are a few images that I just shot of some vintage pieces.....and then I need to get back at it. Enjoy your day.....and please come visit the shop at SHABBYFUFU, which if my math is correct is about to enter it's 14th year!!!


  1. Congratulations on your 14th year! Great items for your shop.

  2. Ooohh, Beautiful things Janet! And 14 years! Well, you are the Original Pioneer of the Online Shopping Boutique! Congratulations!
    Class never goes out of style - and you have that in abundance. Happy week to you - I am excited about November shopping too :) xo

  3. Oh YUM! So many lovely things... Love the little broken china plaques. Just darling.


  4. Gorgeous things here, Janet...and congrats on 14 years. You must have been one of the first people doing this! xo Diana

  5. Congratulations for your blog. I love your designs.