December 19, 2011

Not Mine To Decorate....And A Post Road Winner

This room isn't mine to decorate. We have a deal in the house. Our girls are in their 20's, and since one is temporarily back living at home and has a passion for modern vintage decor....the family room is hers to design for the holidays. I get the rest of the I acquiesce and give this to her capable hands. Pick and choose, let's all get along....
Thank you to those who entered the giveaway to Post Road Vintage. Winner chose by is #12, June
Please contact Post Road....I'll let her know that you've won!

I hope that you all have a beautiful holiday.... and please come over to "like" my Facebook page for daily updates & more. Copy & paste in your browser or via the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog page


  1. now that's like the ultimate nice thing to do ;) not an easy thing to give up, is it? She did a beautiful job though! TY for doing the giveaway for me Jane, what fun!


  2. Janet your Modern girl sure did a fabulous job! I LOVE the tree - it's beautiful! I know it's not ShabbyFuFu style exactly, but a little change makes a new Christmas tradition to look back on {and more great photos!}. And the Post Road Vintage winner - Congrats!! I received my newsletter yesterday with a special surprise in it. I look forward to seeing how Heather will grow her business in 2012 - very exciting!

    Thank you for my gorgeous Photo Print you sent to me - I am going to find the perfect frame for it this weekend. It is my very favorite!

    Happy Christmas to you and your family Janet - wishing you nothing but the best Christmas day ever! xo

  3. Hurray for June...what a wonderful giveaway!

    Your tree looks absolutely lovely!!

    Merry Christmas, Janet!


  4. Dearest Janet,

    Congrats to June and wishing you a blissful pre-Christmas period and a Merry Christmas!
    Love to you,


  5. Merry Christmas Janet, your daughter did a fabulous job on the tree. happy New Year and all the best.

  6. I believe that next year, my daughter will ask to do the same--as she's an art major and will have to move back home until she finds a job!

  7. Your daughter has the touch, just like her mama does!!!
    Thank you Janet for your awesome giveaway...I'm off to Post Road this minute!

  8. Janet- How fun that your daughter did the tree. It looks lovely. Merry Christmas to you- xo Diana