January 30, 2011

Valentines Day Box Tutorial & Flea Market Finds

Greetings to all and thank you for stopping by this evening. I've just returned from a lovely weekend up at our beach home and of course did some website shopping while there. The weather has been simply amazing here in Florida, perfect for just about anything that you might wish to do outside...flea marketing included......

Un grand MERCI for the amazing response to the website items, more coming as time permits....

If you are a reader of our favorite Romantic Country Magazine that is the work of the fabulous Fifi ONeill, then you may recall this tutorial from a couple of years ago on this romantic heart boxes that I was invited to put together. I'm reposting the article and a couple of photos that I took here since it's "that time of year" again. Maybe you'll be inspired to create some of your own Valentine boxes, you should be able to click on the article page to enlarge.....

Until next time.....

January 28, 2011

To Warm You....And GIVEAWAY Winner

Hello to all and thank you for stopping by to visit me, even thought I am out of town right now..... 

You might want to follow me here.....it's one of the few places right now that is warm and beautiful...so I hope that these couple of photos that I shot warm you up and thaw you out.......

This past week was crazy busy and I'm thankful for that, for my customers, friends and my wonderfully supportive family. I really can use this weekend to unwind a bit and be alone within my head to think a bit at my ocean......

I've been a slack blogger in terms of visiting most of my blog friends lately, but honestly my website business has been taking up every bit of my long days, grateful, grateful.....

To my eyes and ears...blogging (and commenting) should be authentic and genuinely from the heart with no obligation. Lately I see too much of it being otherwise...but that's a whole other post for another day perhaps! I hope that you forgive me dearest blog friends.....

The winner of the NOVICA GIVEAWAY is #26, Alison Gibbs. 

Congrats Alison....I'll see if I can reach you through your blog to give you the code for redeeming your $50 gift card!

Until next time....from the beach

January 23, 2011

Lots Of Love...Coming Soon Things

Hello friends! I've been very busy with trying to refill my shop at Shabbyfufu, so this will be just a quick post.

I'm so grateful to my lovely and loyal customers....I can't even begin to express how much each and every one of you has meant to me over all of these years on line. Thank you truly so much from the bottom of my heart....and here is just a quick little collage of some things coming this week:

Romantic Dressform from my studio in soft blush pinks (home of the Original romantic millinery and ribbon rose dress forms)......
An Exquisite and Grandiose Antique French Chandelier in greys with loads of crystals.
Feminine Dessert Stands......
Gorgeous White Hanging Dressform.....
Teacup Chandelier .....(ackk, SOLD!)
More Runners (as you'll see in Fifi's book, Romantic Prairie Style).....
Floor Chandelier.....
Loads of Girly Things, French Things, Sweet Things, Vintage Things.....

You get the picture!

The giveaway continues until I have a chance to post again in more depth.....so if you haven't read my previous post, please do and enter there!
Until next time.....

January 17, 2011

Fabulous Fifty...Fifty Dollar Gift Card Giveaway

Hello friends and readers worldwide. Before I get into the giveaway on this post I would like to welcome my latest Blog Sponsor Michele of Glass Bead Treasures! Please click on the blog button for her Etsy shop in the right had side bar...she has some very lovely things and blogs at http://michelestreasures.blogspot.com/

It's amazing here in blog land how we really do develop friendships and connections on a world wide basis and this post is a chance for you to enjoy one of the connections that I've made.
I was contacted several weeks ago by a company named NOVICA, that is in association with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their artistic talents and provide access to the world market, where otherwise they would not. I'm all for helping other talented artisans, as I've been given the opportunity to do so for quite a few years on my website at Shabbyfufu. 

Novica gave me the choice of either $100 gift card for myself...in which I could order merchandise to review and post, or 2 gift cards for $50 each.....one to order something for myself and one to give away. Guess which I chose (do you know me ~ lol!). I thought I could actually accomplish both prospects by ordering something for moi and reviewing the product and service....and then letting YOU chose something for yourself to enjoy! So please....read on and then go over to NOVICA to see what YOU might like to have. Contest rules below!

There were so many things to chose from amongst what they call their "corporate gifts", from gorgeous art glass to entertaining, jewelry, handbags and travel bags, eco friendly and green gifts and much more. Their artisans hail from all over the world...Mexico, Thailand, India, Brazil, Bali..just to name a few countries. 

I chose the necklace by an artist in Thailand named Busarin, as I am completely smitten with her work and will definitely be ordering some more pieces (oh Mr. honey....my birthday is next month if you are reading this:-). The necklace is called Bouquet Of Pearls and once ordered arrived from Thailand in about a week with the lovely hand made presentation gift pouch made from sustainable tree bark paper and an artist story card enclosed. I think that the necklace speaks for itself and will let the pictures do the talking. 

So....what do you think? Would you be smitten with a $50 spending spree? Perhaps you aren't a jewelry person. I am enamored with these drinking glasses....perhaps you might select something like these for your home instead?

Can you help spread the word about them.....I know that they would appreciate it and so would I. 

Once chance to win: Please leave a comment here for a chance to win the $50 gift card to NOVICA

Two chances to win: Post the button below on your blog and link it here to my blog so that others can come over to comment and have a chance. 

Three chances to win: Tweet for a third chance.

"How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world."
~ William Shakespeare~

Please visit:

January 12, 2011

Time To Get Serious

Greetings to all.....and thank you for stopping by today.

Just a quick mid week musing that I must get serious and get back to work on my website. It's been weeks since I've been able to get into the studio on a regular basis and the website is lacking in inventory. Those of you who sell on line know how much work it takes, and well.....I need to work a bit harder than I have been doing ever since my trip to France in November.

I won't be here on the blog much for just a bit, above is a little collage of just a snippet of what's coming to Shabbyfufu.com soon!

Take care and stay warm....

January 9, 2011

Christie Repasy Giveaway Winner

Hello to all and thank you for stopping by for a visit. I'm just back from a weekend at our beach home and shopping for antiques for the website...so it was not ALL play, some work too:-)

Great things coming....I need to style and photograph over the next couple of days!

I was so pleased to read each and every one of your lovely comments on my previous post that featured the interview with the enormously talented and very gracious Christie Repasy. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the interview and will announce the winner of the giveaway below, so read on! 

Additionally....I hope to get to meet all of you on "your own turf" (blog turf that is) very soon, but please excuse me if takes a short while. It seems as my time is eaten up by my business at Shabbyfufu (my website) and it's a very busy one! By the way....Happy Anniversary to Shabbyfufu (yep...some horn tootin' here:-)...we've recently celebrated our 12th year as an on~line shop.

So for those who are new readers here.....

This is my little studio where I do my creating and work away on my laptop daily. It's very girly....the one room where I can really let my feminine side blissfully show.

I also thought that I would share with you some of my favorite pieces that I'd worked on in 2010, either as custom orders or sold directly on the website. 

I hope that you enjoy getting to know just a teensy bit of my work:-). 

A plethora of......romantic tea cup chandelier art pieces and lamp shades.....

A sprinkling of......romantic dress forms that I have been creating for many years using gobs of vintage textiles, millinery and forming my own hand sewn roses....

Just a slice....pretty rose petal cakes and cupcakes....

Simply a bit of....bottle dolls and sweet angels....

That's all I have time to share today, and you probably want to see if you won anyway!....

The winner of the Christie Repasy giveaway drawn a few minutes ago by a random number generator is:

Deb...who does not have a blog, but is a Twitter follower of mine. Congrats Deb....wow, I'm so happy that you won!

I'll be back with another post soon. I have a wonderful giveaway coming from a company that I've been invited to work on a little something with.....so stay tuned for that. 
Lots of love from here....

January 3, 2011

Special Guest....An Interview With Christie Repasy & A GIVEAWAY

Hi friends and dear blog readers worldwide and Happy New Year to you guys....

Today I have an interview (and a great giveaway!) for you with the renowned rose painter, artist Christie Repasy. Many of you may already be familiar with her work, or perhaps even own a piece...as I do. She's such a lovely and down to earth person and it's my pleasure to bring you a bit more of what she has to say about her life's work and passion, enjoy.....

You are the original shabby chic rose painter selling your work on line for twelve years now. How did you get started with your on line venture?

Due to national TV and magazine exposure that I received thru Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic TV show and articles in Romantic Home magazine, I received many calls requesting to see an online catalog of my art on a website. The timing was perfect as computers were just beginning to be purchased for home use. At that point, I set up an online store for the customers to view and purchase my art.

Why do you gravitate towards roses?

I was a decorative painter working in homes and on furniture when I first started my business. Clients were hiring me to create borders and wall designs out of existing floral and rose fabrics they were decorating with, I found myself really enjoying painting the roses the most. During this time I found myself longing for more instruction and knowledge, so I pursued taking a 2 semesters of oil painting in a local Jr. College.

What is your training, or are you a self taught artist?

I always did well in my school art classes, and took art in College for two years.  I also took special interest art classes with other local artists in Laguna Beach, Ca.  I also love to decorate and use vintage fabrics and wall paper as inspiration.

Who inspires you in the world of design?

My greatest inspiration for painting is not necessarily one person, but the vintage fabric and wallpaper designs found in the late 1800’s to the 1940’s, both American and European. I am constantly keeping my eyes open for new inspiration from old patterns and designs as I’m out antique shopping and treasure hunting at flea markets. 

I find Sue Balmforth of Bountiful Home www.bountifulhome.com in Venice Beach, Ca. to be a very inspiring designer that I can identify with. I remember the first time I saw a room she designed on the cover of the first Shabby Chic book 11 years ago and how I loved her style of combining time worn chippy and rusty garden and architectural elements with European furniture, chandeliers’, lace, vintage accessories and floral fabrics. She was the originator of the vintage tin ceiling tile frame idea! 

I am also very inspired by the many fabulous blogs I follow. There is an amazing amount of talented women out there sharing their thoughts and ideas online.

Where do you see your work heading in the future?

That is such a difficult question. I consider my style very traditional and rooted in the past , although I need to stay in tune with the trends of today and yet produce art that will have a sense of timelessness. I am always open to considering new opportunities that come my way. 

Over the past year I have moved from the beach to the country where I have opened my home and very large yard for a vintage marketplace that takes place every 3 months. Together with my sister in law Rita Reade of www.mammabellarte.blogspot.com I host  this 2 day event which includes 25 very creative vintage style vendors that come and set up their tents, full of treasures to sell. I'm honored to have this venture highlighted in the current issue of Romantic Country Magazine!

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working on your business pursuits?

I love spending time with my family and my dogs, and I enjoy antiquing with my girl friends.

Thank you dear Christie for sharing a bit about yourself with us....and now, on to the fabulous Giveaway that I'm hosting here for her!

One lucky winner will receive BOTH of these items! 

The first item is the beautiful hand soldered charm made by Rita Reade with Christie's Rosy Bouquet print. So ROMANTIC... it measures 1”x1 ½” and has a rhinestone drop. 

The second item in this Giveaway is a  French Style perfume bottle made with a vintage bottle and embellished with a reduced rose print of "Vintage Rose Study, vintage rhinestone, filigree and old seam binding ribbon. It measures 8" x 3" x 1 1/2".

How To Enter:
Visit Christies's blog at Chateau De Fleurs HERE and become a follower!
Then come back over and leave a comment on my blog, letting me know that you are following Chritie's blog.
For a second chance at winning, post the contest on your blog by linking HERE with the button that I've created for you below, then come back here and leave another comment letting me know.

The giveaway will close on SUNDAY, JAN 9th with the winner chosen by a random number generator. Help spread the word about Christie's new blog ladies.....and good luck!