February 28, 2011

Busy Hands

Busy hands, happy hands.....I am going to be busy in the studio this week and just wanted to wish you a great one! I'll be back soon to show you what I've been working on......

February 25, 2011

French Tattered Linen Box GIVEAWAY Winner

Hi everyone....and hank you to all who entered my birthday giveaway to you and for all of the lovely comments on my work and for the best wishes. Without you dear readers I wouldn't have half the fun that I do blogging and my hope here is to always inspire....

For my birthday today I am actually playing up at our beach home but also virtually over at my friend Tracie's blog at My Petite Maison. We share a love of all things French, and she has a lovely shop over on Etsy as well as her GORGEOUS blog where you will find my interview today. Merci beaucoup for asking me over Tracie!

Giveaway Winner
I drew a winner by a random number generator and the winner of the French Tattered Linen Box is #1 who is Shabby Chic Girls Blog. That hardly ever happens, I guess it pays to be first sometimes! 
Please get in touch with me through the Contact page on my website (due to spam lately I don't like to post my email addy here) and I'll get this right out to you! Here is what I have inside for you, lots of goodies to enjoy.....

I'll be back soon with another post, perhaps I'll take some beach decor photos for you. Have an inspiring and beautiful weekend, wherever you are......

February 20, 2011


Hello friends...I hope that you are enjoying the almost Spring weather that much of the country has been experiencing. I know that you must be...it seems that emails and comments have slowed down a bit this past week, which usually is the case when cabin fever is set free!

Here is some of what I have been working on lately that I wanted to share with you. 
Custom Blue Romantic Dress Form that is SOLD

Pink Romantic Dress Form that is also SOLD
Teacup Chandelier for the website (coming soon  Just SOLD)
Some Nighteas, our Signature Tea Cup Night Lights...for the website (coming soon)

So next weekend I DO NOT plan on working....did I actually say that?!! This coming Friday is my birthday and when my husband asked me what I would like for a gift, I told him "his time". He's taking a rare day off from his busy schedule and we hope to go up to our place at the beach for the weekend....the best gift that I could ask for.

Speaking of gifts.....I have a birthday gift from me to you!

I will be giving away one of my French Linen Tattered Book Boxes to one winner. It's fabulous for storage and will go nicely in just about any decor and I've sold quite a few on the website. Not only will you win the box....but I will fill it with some beautiful gifts for you as well.....I know that you'll be pleased!

Giveaway rules are as follows (ugh, I hate rules...so keeping it brief)

1. Leave a comment....one chance to win
2. Become a follower....second chance to win (let me know if you are already a follower)
3. Tweet this contest and let me know the link.....third chance to win
4. Post this button on your blog and link it back to my blog.....(would be appreciated!) fourth chance to win

Winner will be drawn on Friday, Feb 25th (my birthday) and NO, I WON'T tell you how old I am!!

February 16, 2011

Mid Week Inspiration From Paris

Bonjour mes amis. I'm posting a collage of some shots that I took in the Louvre in Paris this November past and hope that you enjoy this bit of mid week inspiration.

Watch for another post with a GIVEAWAY coming soon. Next week is my birthday and it's become a yearly tradition on this blog for me to give you a gift from the heart on my day. 

February 13, 2011

I Heart.....

Coming Up For Air...Currently Working On 3 signature Shabbyfufu Romantic Dressforms

I heart you for reading my blog....

I heart what I do each and every day......

Follow your dreams and be your best authentic self.....you'll heart yourself....
Happy Valentines Day

February 6, 2011

Balancing Act

Greetings to all....I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend!

I have to look at my life as a balancing act. Maybe this comes with age, I'm not sure? I just know that when I wake up in the morning and as long as I'm feeling up to par I just can't wait to embrace the day full steam ahead! As I said though, I think that it's important to keep everything in balance. Not to let it overwhelm...just to work at my pace and do my best each and every day. 

My website at Shabbyfufu can be all consuming when it's as busy as it has been lately, but I know better than to let it eat me up. Most days I de~stress with a workout. I try to eat right, socialize and get a good night's sleep. Of course I COULD get more done if I was constantly on the computer or in the studio, but having a life outside of working.....there is something to be said for that:-).

I did just finish up this custom tea cup chandelier for a sweet customer, and today am working on some more for the website......
Working on my romantic dress forms, orders and for the website as well.....
I have been traveling and shopping like mad at the march├ęs aux puces, but just haven't found the time to list yet. Coming soon are lots of new (old) pieces, things that you just won't find elsewhere in a mix of very romantic and French style....

So that's it for now, I bid you adieu and get back to the balancing act of daily life around here!