January 3, 2012

How To Build A French Farmhouse Table

We often have a want or need of something over budget, and I'd say that we had both with our muse. A table at Restoration Hardware caught our eyes and yet the budget would not allow. Read on and I'll show you how we built our own French Farmhouse table with lots of visuals, cause I'm better at following pictures:-)

Not a farmhouse...this table was something that we needed for our beach house and I must say that it looks G.R.E.A.T here! As I mentioned I'm VERY visual, so rather than a list you can get the idea of how we created this table in less than a day by the photos below: 

Just a few notes.....
I finished it to LOOK LIKE DRIFTWOOD and used MILK PAINT & WAX.

We purchased the legs and the wood (2 x 8) planks of Southern yellow pine at Lowes. 

The table cost us about $100 (more or less) to make.

My husband is very handy with power tools and won't let me near them...but my talent lies in design and finishing.

We built this table in the garage of our home and then had to disassemble it, transport it and reassemble it...as it was for our beach home a few hours away.

As I said, I always do the finishing. I wanted the look of aged driftwood and a learning curve was involved....so I practice several methods on some leftover scraps first. 

The base was simply sprayed with a white primer, and then given 2 coats of an oil based house wood trim paint. I know, not very eco friendly....but being right on the beach everything that we have takes quite a beating and needs protection from the elements!

We agreed that we wanted the knots and natural grains to show through, so painting the top white was not an option. 

For the TOP...
First sanded by hand with the grain. Then I used Milk Paint...which I do have quite a bit of experience with over the years. My favorite is from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company....you can learn about them HERE. I am not being compensated, just so you know. I made a mix of about 25% milk paint in White and 75% water. Normally you wouldn't want it so thin, but as I said I didn't want to completely cover the grain. One coat seemed a bit too thin, so I gave it another. It dries quickly and is eco friendly and all of that.

Next came darkening down a bit with Briwax. I LOVE Briwax and have used it for years and years. Click HERE if you want to learn more about it...and no, I'm not being compensated by them either! I used their Original Wax product in a Dark Brown stain first...one coat. I use old soft t shirts to apply the wax and fresh ones to buff down.....and buffed this quite a bit to give the stain a soft glow. I then gave it two coats of Clear Briwax in the same fashion....of course allowing sufficient dry time inbetween all coats of wax. Thats it, DONE...in a day!


This post has been updated and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Love to build and save money as a DIYer? I have two more tutorials for Farmhouse Tables that you might want to visit! 


  1. Janet...the table is just beautiful! You and your husband did a wonderful job. I can't wait to see the chairs!

    I love the new look of your blog...it will be interesting to see the direction you are taking!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Dearest Janet,

    You have a husband with golden hands and you yourself as well! Great vision and knowing how to.
    The end result is great.
    Have a healthy and happy 2012 and enjoy what you're doing.
    Love to you,


  3. Janet, the table turned really nice. Power tools and a man that can use them is a wonderful thing. :0)

    I know whatever you come up with at your website will be beautiful.

    Steph ♥

  4. Hi Janet... your new header is so pretty, I am excited to see your website re~open... as always, I love what you are doing... alot of the things I am seeing in blogland all look alike, but yours are always your own... you are enticing me with the lovely whites and neutrals... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Janey, Good for you - do what you need to do! Take some time for yourself. I get it...
    The table is gorgeous!!!
    What a great project to work on with your hubby!
    Live Pretty!

  6. Happy New Year Janet ....

    Really love your table ... I can see that a large amount of hard work went into its creation and its quite amazing !

    Cant wait to see the finished product once the chairs arrive ...

    Have a fabulous 2012 ... heres to new dreams

    HUGS ~ JO

  7. Beautiful! I love the look of the wood after all your hard work giving it that natural patina!

  8. I just LOVE your new farmhouse table, Janet! I want to take the top off my current kitchen table and make a planked top, so your photos will be a great help! Great job! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. looked this diy up because we are in the rpocess of making a farm table and want a fab finish! will try this method fufu....xo tutts

  10. Oh my gosh , you did an amazing job!! I love the plank top!! I just may add this to our dining table top!! Thanks for the inspiration.