March 1, 2012

Feeling The Love In Texas....

Graffiti....seen on a wall in Austin
Feeling the love.
I celebrated an older than dirt birthday a few days ago and what more did I want then to be with my little family. It was the best gift that I could ask for, since we don't get to spend enough time together these days...

I've traveled the world over, but one thing that amazingly I have never done before was to ride in a limo. My girls remembered me mentioning that was on my bucket at the airport awaiting.....
I have to admit that I felt like a star for the 45 minute drive...just fun!
We stayed in the hill country overlooking Austin at the Travassa can read more about it by clicking on the link above....
We hiked often in the beautiful woods and never saw a soul....
Zen place with some carefully placed icons and retreat buildings scattered about....
Yummy spa cuisine with a Southwestern flair....
My petite birthday cake....
Bull fitness, yup...
You now have my heart Texas....I hope to be back soon...


  1. Oh how I love Austin and TEXAS ! So glad you got to celebrate there. I understand...I got old last year!

  2. Hi Janet... so happy you had a nice time for your birthday!... I love Texas too and have not been there in some time... I am anxious to return one day soon... did you buy any of those fabulous boots???... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. awww fufu looks like you all had a great time & what better way to celebrate than with family! my husband has been in houston on business for the past two weeks & when he goes back I plan on joining him for a week. he says I will love it! Just like you! happy birthday from your older than dirt also friend tutts...xoxo beautiful pics of the fufu clan~

  4. A very Happy Birthday to you...celebrate your entire year! Time with family in a beautiful place is the best. Joyful birthday year...

  5. joyeux anniversaire,je t'envoie , mille bisous, a bientôt, isa lisa

  6. looks like a wonderful birthday to me! I've been old for a long time, and loving every minute of it.
    came over to see your blog from another it!

  7. Hi Janet!!! You are not older than dirt girly!! Hope you had a wonderful BD..I love Texas sis is in Ft. Worth..& the shopping is awesome!!!! So glad you were with all your family hon:) May you have many more birthdays!
    Deb:) xoxo

  8. Happy belated birthday Janet!! And what a lovely trip!!~
    So glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  9. You had a great time in Texas !!!