April 13, 2012

A Simple Sharing With Friends

Happy Friday everyone. A quick hello as I need to keep on track with orders from the website so that I feel a clear conscience to leave on my trip in just 10 more days!
I have been blogging for 5 years and as social media and life evolve, I'm finding that I just keep putting it on the back burner more and more. It's very time consuming to keep up with regular blog posts (as most of you know:-) and I'm on Facebook more and more to connect with friends in an immediate way. Are you there with me? You can find me HERE, where I post photos and connect almost every day......

A couple of lovely friends have asked me to share with them, and I'm sharing in turn with you. 
The multi talented Sonia of the magazine Creating Vintage Charm had invited me to share some of my photography for her magazine and now I'm a centerfold girl, lol! I just received my issue last night and hope to spend some time looking it over this weekend. You can find the magazine for purchase (and it's on sale currently) HERE
Melissa Bolton of Designher Brands is a long time internet friend who knows how to motivate, brand and inspire......and has put together this free e~book that I'm honored to be a part of. You can download this one free HERE: You are sure to come away quite inspired after this quick read!


  1. Hi Janet stopped by to say how much I enjoy your beautiful posts & pictures on Facebook. Facebook really has connected all of us in such a postive way. Thank You. Laura

  2. Hello Janet... I love to see your posts, as I do not do (and never will) do facebook, I miss you!!!... enjoy your trip, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Bonjour... Beaucoup disent que Facebook est excellent... En ce qui me concerne j'ai un peu de difficultés avec... Un peu trop brouillon, enfin un mélange de tout.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous

  4. Hi Janet- I know how hard it is to keep up with blogging and having a life in this multi-media world. We don't do FB because of my dil's job as a federal agent so I only see you here. Your pictures and post are as lovely as always.

  5. I love my blog! But I have given in to FB. It is hard to keep up but I WANT to.
    Where is Fifi's magazine going to be available??

  6. Hey Janet,

    FUN! Getting ready for a trip!! I can't wait to read Fifi's magazine, she's an inspiration to me, like you :)


  7. Hi Janet! As always, love your photography! Is the building in the pic above really pink? Love it! I am such a pink-a-holic LOL! Nice to see you in blog land as well as face book. Have a wonderful trip!! xoxo, Leena

  8. love your posts fufu friend & understand how all this social media stuff is sop time consuming. It's almost like a full time job! Your photography is so wonderful-I always enjoy looking! xoxo tutti

  9. Love your blog. found you on FB. Thanks for sharing your trips to France with us. I went once in 1999 and again in 2002. I so want to go back.