May 31, 2012

Form And Function....Finders And Keepers

Which comes first in your decor life my it form or is it function?
Well I'd have to say that for me as an artist and designer it's usually form. As  I design pieces for my clients and customers and purchase items for the website it has to catch my eye and be consistent with my aesthetic first. Then it has to be useful, as something that will have a purpose, add color or a decorative touch and be loved. Does this make sense? 

I'm always out scouring around and recently acquired three pieces that first struck my eye and fulfill a definite purpose. I'm more of a finder than a keeper type of gatherer, but these three gorgeous (form) and useful (function) pieces I think will be least for now, if I can find a place for them!

Love, love this large antique bead board cabinet in just the right shade of aqua/green that has the original chipped up paint!
I have a weakness for these old dress forms and this one is old and tattered to perfection. I do have some other dress forms that I'm going to be adding to the website...different than this one, but pretty cool...
A rather grandiose vintage Italian tole mirror that would make anyone swoon who loves Shabby Chic....
So for now....keepers, (all three) but you never know down the road if they may end up in the shop....

I've been busy filling some orders and just finished some custom silk floral arrangements for a darling website shopper....and will be busy this weekend working on 3 Mason Jar chandeliers that have been ordered as well as some other things. 
I'll be posting lots of new things on the WEBSITE sometime next week....including more items from the French brocantes and some other lovely romantic pieces...


  1. Hmmm going to check out the marked down pieces now! Hubby is probably going to wag his finger at me since I just brought home a new chandelier. I LOVE that chippy cabinet!!

  2. I love, love , love the Italian Tole Mirror. It's beyond gorgeous. It's just dreamy. Love the chippy pitchers too. It's so fun to collect. My problem is sticking with one look. I think I need a bigger or second house. I just want everything on this post!!!!! :)

  3. OMG Janet!!!! You are one awesome finder of the keepers. I love each piece that you unearthed. I especially love that mirror!!!!
    sending hugs...

  4. Hi Janet,
    Keepers for sure! I love, love, love that gorgeous mirror!!!!! It's so hard to let go of some of our finds...but I guess we can't keep everything....or can we! LOL!


  5. I can see why you would want to keep these items - they're fantastic! I especially love the little aqua cabinet - all that sweet chippy goodness just calls out to me! I'll be checking your website some more (I love looking at it) Take care and congrats on your fab finds! xoxo,Leena

  6. They are ALL truly beautiful, Janet! Be still my heart!! ♥ And know that I'm swooning over each and every item you have in your shop! :) I'm eyeing one of them.... :)

    xoxo lauire

  7. The cabinet is just sooo beautifull ! I love this blue, perfect ! great finds ! Bravo !
    Xoxo my friend

  8. Everything is so pretty, I love that cabinet and its color. And the dress form is just perfect! I can't wait to check out your site! Melissa @ CulDeSac Home :)

  9. Oooh, love that cupboard!
    Unfortunately I want to keep everything!

  10. I am just ga ga over that aqua cabinet! Definitely a keeper for me! It would NOT go to the shop! Love it!