July 26, 2012

Summer Decorating Transformations.....

Hello and happy weekend to you!

It's full on summer and I've been moving things around in my home and freshening it up a bit.

Having been in the business of selling mostly home decor items for a long time now I have stuff, props and more stuff. I am not a fan of clutter and don't want the look of a store in my home....so things do get moved with the seasons, items put away, vignettes changed and fresh pieces brought out. It's lots of fun to bring out items that have been stored and give them a fresh new look! Do you do that?

I have been busy shooting items for the
website, so with my camera and tripod set up got inspired to do a full on shoot. I hope that you enjoy & perhaps gather some ideas for your home.

My living room.....

Dining area...we don't really have a formal dining room, fine by me:-))

As I mentioned, I've been shooting products for the website...some of which you see below. Hope to get things listed over the weekend...so come see!

If you'd like to see more...please pick up the current issue of Romantic Country Magazine where my home is featured.


  1. It's all like something out of a dream. I agree, it's lovely to change things out, over and over again.

    Have a great weekend and if I haven't told you lately, you make everything beautiful - everything.

  2. Lovely! not sure if my husband would let me decorate this dreamy but I can only dream. Beautiful!Ciao Rita

  3. Your home is beautiful and your pictures are just gorgeous! Loved looking around this evening.

  4. Such a beautiful post! I just love looking at pictures of your home! Hugs, Penny

  5. Janet...Your pictures of your home are stunning!!! I agree wuth Tracie...looks like a dream:)
    Gorgeous!! We are headed on vacation...our 5 yr. anniversary..& hubbys BD combined
    for lots of R&R in Arkansas..a cabin overlooking Beaver Lake!!
    Hoping its a wee bit cooler there!!
    Deb:) xoxox

  6. Janet, your home always looks so inviting and comfortable, beautiful, fun and creative! I love to admire your pictures! I know my home sure needs an overhaul! Thank you so much for sharing and for all of the wonderful inspiration you provide! Love ya! Leena

  7. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

  8. YOU Janet....are a Master Dream Weaver!! I love it all!! xoRoberta

  9. I absolutely adore your home, Janet, and have enjoyed seeing it lately in the magazines. I just love the soft colors you use.
    You have such an eye for details.

  10. I've two questions for you:
    1) where did you get those beautiful green roses?
    2) how much do you sell your mason jar chandies for? do you sell them on etsy? I think I rememebr seeing you in a magazine recently, but can't remember which one!

  11. Andrea,

    The roses are from Whole Foods and were white, but I added some green food coloring to the water a couple of days before I shot the photos that absorbs up the stem and tints them green

    I sell my Mason Jar chandeliers both on my website Shabbyfufu and my Etsy shop of the same name.


  12. Oh how shabby chiccy! I love the metal white candlesticks. I am soooo looking for me a chandeliers like that for my sweet pink room. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Janet, Your decor is so soothing to the soul. Love that you keep it uncluttered. Sometimes the romantic look can get to be too many ruffles, too much "stuff" of smalls. Your home has just the right balance!

  14. Darling and oh so Shabby Chic!

  15. Janet..that ruffly chair is so darn cute! and mint roses? lovely

  16. So serene and lovely, Janet! I too like to switch things about for the seasons. Nothing feels fresher.
    I am loving your new linens and that chair is just dreamy.
    Thank you for all the countless years of inspiration and creativity you have given us. xxoo

  17. Hi Janet!!

    Love, love, love all the pictures!! Romance is a room, makes it so inviting and soft.

    You've done a great job!!

    Have a great week!!


  18. Hi Janet! Thanks for the shout-out! Had fun interviewing you! And I LOVE love love the ruffle chair slip cover...is that something that will be available in the future on your store website? - Take care, Erin

  19. In answer to Erin's question about the ruffle chair slipcovers, you can find them on the Shabbyfufu website and they are GORGEOUS!