September 9, 2012

My Website...My Creative Soul

Before I ever had a fact before there ever was such a thing as blogging, I have been making things, gathering things and selling things. It's what I do....and needs to be my main focus in order to feed the creative soul. It's my lifestyle to be both an artisan and entrepreneur and it would be hard to think of doing anything else at this point.....

Just a quick post this evening of some new things (and old treasures) on the website. I hope that you'll take a few moments to come visit me over there....
You will also find me here:
Have a great week ahead....


  1. I know what you mean. I was always creative and flipping houses long before it was the popular thing to do...and then I found out thru the world of blogging that there are lots of other creative people, just like me, that GET IT! Have a wonderful night- You are sooooo talented- xo Diana

  2. I am going now to follow you on FB. Your stuff is always so pretty!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and I simply love your style. I have always had a creative soul as well... spending time writing poems and songs since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I'm only now gradually discovering that I have other talents beyond my comfort zone. Your site is inspiring me to develop them, to find my own personal truth (if that makes any sense to you, sometimes others don't get it, but something in your words makes me think you will) and to enjoy the journey towards it, wherever it may take me. Thank you for that. You are a true inspiration and a very talented woman, with so much to offer the world. You're the kind of person I admire and want to be someday. I just need to learn how to make "someday" become today. Peace and blessings be upon you, Jenna

  4. I'm leaving this for Jenna, who was the previous commenter and doesn't have a blog or email address listed. Your comment meant so much to me and I do encourage you to follow your dreams, always!

  5. Your website is as lovely as your products! The design is simple yet gorgeous! Keep it this clean and user-friendly to attract more customers. =)

    Cambria Ludwig