October 15, 2012

Girl Has Style...

 Sometimes it comes to pass in these times that a family member, in this case a young adult daughter, comes back to the family abode to live for a period of time in order to save money. It's the way that it is and I don't mind and we do have the room...and her attitude has made lemonade with lemons. She's surely decorated her space in own distinctive taste.
You won't find anything white in the room and our tastes are definitely not the same, but the girl's got style and I wanted to share some quick shots with you today......

Her esthetic is quite eclectic with a vintage modern vibe and like her mama (oh, that would be me) she does love to collect. A mix put together of mid century modern, bohemian and French...and everything was bought on a dime or found in some cases in my own collections, or a few things by the roadside......

Shots are perhaps not the best...my camera does not have a built in flash and I didn't have time for a proper shoot...but I do hope that you enjoy this post...
If you enjoy the style that I love....there is still time to enter the GIVEAWAY for the book VINTAGE BY NINA on the previous post (not this one).....


  1. Too much fun Janet!... love that vintage turquoise planter with the plant in it... reminds me of one my mama had when I was a little girl, and I also love the old dresser with the keyholes in each drawer!... I bet you and your daughter have sooo much fun together!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Il est bon de laisser vivre les émotions de nos enfants face aux objets auxquels ils tiennent...
    je vois que Paris fait partie d'un de ses petits plaisirs!...
    gros bisous

  3. A little French....a little Boho and a little ala Mama!!

  4. So bohemian, I love it. I love that she has an eye for style and collecting the right stuff....;)...(That's mama's grrrl)


  5. Hello Janet, My name is Yolanda and I've been having a look of you blog and it's really good. I love it so I've written about your blog in my blog: http://laguindadetupastel.blogspot.com.es/

    I hope you don't mind!

  6. I know only too well Janet. I am losing a workshop and gaining my beautiful only son whom I adore back : ) for the exact same reasons.Totally worth it to me!Enjoy your daughters return to the nest.