November 14, 2012

Drawing A Blank....Thinking Out Loud

Hello to all! 

I've been working on a few projects around here after just finishing up a couple of very exciting photography opportunities that have come my way that I'll share with you as soon as I can.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated here in the U.S. next week and it seems that decorating for the Christmas season is in full swing worldwide! 

I plan on keeping it simple this year and have been inspired to do a theme using natural elements. This isn't the easiest thing to accomplish if you live in South Florida as I do, unless you opt for sea shells and coastal items.

I was out in the garden today and brought this vintage blueberry crate out with some roses that I have drying leftover from a shoot, and hoping to find some pieces of nature to pick up free for the taking. Unfortunately I'm drawing a I'm still thinking out loud.
Although I made the liner...the crate is from my talented friend Laura's shop....and you can visit her blog Verbena Nested Treasures by clicking HERE:

Some other things that I've been working on, painted roses....

 And adding a few new things to the SHOP, including this one of a kind pair of Mason Jar candelabra lamps. You can find them HERE:

Have a great week!
xox, Janet


  1. your stuff is are a busy and talented lady

  2. Love all of your beauties! Always so peaceful and calming for the soul. Hugs from northeast Louisiana!

  3. Hi Janet... those lamps are just gorgeous!... is there anything I can send you from my Nature walks... I gather all sorts of pinecones, seedpods, chestnuts... etc... I will gladly mail you a box of Nature's treasures to decorate with, let me know... for real... much love, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Pretty as always, in everything you put your touch to, Janet.

    I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. Have a good holiday!

  5. Janet love your painted roses! I too am doing a natural look.And for Christmas I am doing a very simple decor as well.

  6. That crate is wonderful! And... i'll be curious to see what you come up with for a more natural Christmas look. A lady i know who has the cutest little shop, got these darling petit mossy pots, and planted little sprigs of herbs in them, wrapped them with wire and hung them on the tree. It was so totally charming. I am curious about your painted roses too, is it a photograph, did you paint them?


  7. Cindy....the roses are some of my photography that I digitally alter to look like a painting:-)) Thank you for your comments my friends....

  8. Well, I am absolutely CERTAIN that no matter what YOU do it will be beyond gorgeous! I got faith in ya! xo Diana

  9. Une belle promenade aujourd'hui avec vous... Des petits lampions pour illuminer le coeur de chacun... J'aime la flamme des petites bougies... A l'atelier je ne peux pas peindre sans ma petit bougie !...
    Merci pour le partage.

    Gros bisous.

  10. Beautiful blog and very elegant pictures. You got some lovely stuffs here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)