November 19, 2012

Mercury Glass Mason Jar For Candles...Tutorial

Hello everyone & Happy Thanksgiving week to all of my American friends!

I want to thank those who shopped the WEBSITE during the Flash Sale this past weekend, which was a smashing success and almost a complete sell out. For that I am extremely grateful and working to get orders out as quickly as possible.

Last year I posted a tutorial on making a mirror out of an old window...and this year I thought I'd share my tried and true technique once again on the FAUX MERCURY GLASS look for those who might not have seen it. We all love candles, and displaying them in a Mason jar just makes them shimmer and shine all the more. Add a bit of aged silvering and you have something really special and inexpensive to put up on the mantel...or make a few and display on a sideboard or create a centerpiece on your dining table. 
 I don't really have any photos of myself doing this technique so will post a couple from last year.....but I assure you that this is VERY EASY TO DO!

Something glass to work on (new Mason jars from Michaels in this case)
Can of Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint
Black acrylic craft paint
Sponge pieces
Flat cotton puffs (like you use for your make up removal) Paper Towels
Gold and/silver acrylic craft paint
Spray bottle with mixture of 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 water Spray sealer

Apply the Krylon Looking Glass Paint in four to five even coats of spray to your glass piece. If it's a window you will want to work on the backside of it. For the bottles that I have shown I did the process on the outer working inside the bottles
would have been impossible. You'll want to work in a well
ventilated area or outdoors if you's stinky and messy! Allow to dry just for a minute or so in between thin coats of spray...the spray dries very quickly!
With your sponge rub off areas of the paint where you want the piece of glass to look distressed.
Dab cotton puff into black acrylic craft paint and start sponging on the areas where paint was removed. If working with a window, you'll want to look at the front side of the piece to see how it's going to look! 
I have also used gold and silver craft paint in the past to achieve a more mottled look of colors behind the this is an option if you want to try.
Use a spray mister with some white vinegar or diluted white vinegar with water and spray on the glass paint while still not completely dry. This will produce little droplets and I like that look.
Allow 24 hours to dry and then spray with a clear sealer to protect your piece. 
I've also done this technique with French beer bottles (below) and with the cap off they are fabulous used to hold taper candles!
I have been using these with real candles and there is no issue with the paint peeling off, however whenever working with candles use with caution (or battery operated candles). Wash by hand....
Easy and beautiful, especially for the Holiday Season and to make some inexpensive gift items for family, friends and those all important teachers.
If you aren't inclined to make these, I do have them available in the shop HERE

Have a wonderful week...and once again, Happy Thanksgiving to you!
xoxo, Janet


  1. Just made these this pretty.

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